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Hireology State of Automotive Hiring Report 2023

A profile of this economy’s most in demand employees — the automotive worker — and why we’re all struggling to find and retain them

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6 characteristics of the modern automotive worker

As many employers in the tech space grapple with layoffs and hiring freezes due to inflation and over-hiring during the pandemic, a completely different situation is at play in the retail automotive space. Many dealerships have never fully recovered the jobs they were forced to eliminate at the onset of the pandemic and now — more than three years later — are still struggling to attract talent for these roles.

On top of this, as the automotive industry continues to struggle with parts shortages and high prices for new cars, the need for skilled technicians is at an all-time high. Given the continued talent supply and demand imbalance, workers in this sector (along with those in many other skilled trade industries) have the upper hand, forcing employers to adjust their offerings and processes to meet their needs or risk losing top talent and taking a hit to the bottom line.

The key for dealerships is to better understand the mindset of today’s typical automotive industry job seeker so you can reimagine your offerings and processes to stand out. In a recent Hireology survey of about 450 automotive industry job seekers, we set out to define the modern automotive worker.

This report outlines six common characteristics found in this group and what it means for you as an employer looking to fill open roles, better service customers, and maximize sales and revenue for your dealership.

Read Hireology’s 2023 State of Automotive Hiring Report to better understand the needs, expectations, and motivations of the modern automotive job seeker

Key takeaways

  • When searching for work, 61% of automotive job seekers accept the first offer they receive
  • 38% of automotive job seekers applied to more than 11 jobs in their most recent search
  • 92% would take a lower paying job if the right benefits were offered
  • 61% want to be interviewed within 3 days of applying
  • 47% said they’re likely to ghost if the employer doesn’t meet the above timeline
  • 49% used a smartphone for the entirety of their most recent search
  • 85% of automotive workers who had a positive onboarding experience said they are loyal to their current employer

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