January BLS Report: Healthcare Hiring Strategies

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their January Employment Situation last week, and while the unemployment rate declined to 6.3%, the healthcare industry saw a decline in jobs. Employment in healthcare declined by 30,000 jobs, with home healthcare services losing 13,000 jobs, nursing care facilities losing 19,000 jobs, and community care facilities down 7,000 jobs. All in all, the healthcare industry is down 542,000 jobs since the onslaught of the pandemic.

Many healthcare jobs have bounced back in recent months, with this being the first month of decline overall since last year’s initial decline. Since March, home health services have consistently added jobs up until January. And the healthcare industry was projected to grow 15 percent from 2019 to 2029 — more than any other occupational industry.

There’s a lot of reassurance that job growth is in the near future, with over 42 million COVID-19 vaccination doses already administered and another stimulus relief package in the works. Many economists predict that January will be the last month of slow employment gain.

As we work to get back to a position of job growth among the industry, urgency is key in all of your processes, including recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. The faster you can fill your open roles, the faster you can address a slew of related issues, like employee burnout, retention, and productivity. 
Hireology healthcare customers were able to make nearly 4,000 hires and open 6,542 jobs — the most in the last year. Even as healthcare job rates declined, our customers still saw hiring success, and your facility can too.

Here are some ways you can improve your hiring process to save time and allow your team to focus on what matters. 

Attractive job postings

The hiring process starts with attracting the right candidates, and the quality of your job postings affects who is able to see your openings and who is willing to apply. For example, if your job descriptions don’t follow SEO best practices or don’t link back to your careers page, you’re missing out on candidates who use search engines to find work. If your job descriptions don’t do a good job of outlining your company, you’re neglecting to grab applicant attention. And if your postings don’t effectively outline the role responsibilities and requirements, you’ll get applicants that aren’t a good fit.

Your job postings require time to craft, so if you need a jumping off point, check out this resource for guidance on what to include for each role in your field. 

On-the-go hiring process

When attempting to fill your most urgent roles, being locked to a computer isn’t effective or sustainable, especially when you have a million other things on your plate. A mobile applicant review process allows you to take your hiring process with you wherever you go, so you can fill your roles more quickly. 

With Hireology’s mobile app, you can review, advance, and connect with candidates instantly, and take your hiring process with you in your pocket. 

Organized document collection

Many of your openings are highly skilled roles that require a great deal of documentation like accreditation certificates, immunization records, proof of insurability, licensing and employment verification. Staying organized with heaps of documents can be difficult, but with virtual document collection that automates the process in a mobile-friendly way can make your life much easier.

You don’t want anything to slow down your hiring process, especially after an offer letter has been accepted. The user-friendly step-by-step process of Hireology’s document collection allows for candidates to instantly submit required paperwork, accessible by your team at any time. 

Analytics and insight

Identifying where your hiring process needs improvement can be difficult without detailed metrics and analytics. A manual hiring process can’t provide insight into what works (and what doesn’t). But an automated hiring process allows you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with ease and address and issues immediately.

With Hireology, you can see which steps in your hiring process take the most time, which recruiting sources give you the most quality applicants, and recruitment trends relevant to location and manager level. We can help you better understand your hiring needs with actionable reporting that’s easy to digest and implement. 

Integration partners that work together

Siloed, disjointed steps in your hiring process can waste time and cause errors. A hiring software that works seamlessly with your facility’s payroll and scheduling software can make a world of difference when it comes to efficiently hiring. Technology should make your job easier, but without software that communicates, you’ll be stuck entering the same information time after time. When deciding on a program to help speed up your processes make sure their list of integrations aligns with your tech stack to ensure smooth sailing. 

We’re here for you

As the pandemic continues, we know there’s still a lot of uncertainty and your focus is likely split. With vaccinations and safety precautions, you’ve likely got no time to waste. We want to help you build your best team, and don’t need much time to show you why our platform is the right answer for your facility. You can schedule a demo at your convenience to see how we can help you hire up to eight days faster. 



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