How to Increase Retention at Your Hotel During Onboarding

Starting with the end in mind can help in many areas of life — in planning a trip to a new destination, in cooking, and in hiring!

Don’t believe us? In our 2023 State of Hospitality Hiring Report, 77% of respondents who reported a good onboarding experience stated that they were loyal to their employer, while only 49% who self-reported a bad onboarding experience said the same thing.

As you can see, the quality of your onboarding process has a direct impact on the retention rates at your hotel or resort and, ultimately, the overall guest experience. First impressions really matter — especially during a new employee’s first days on the job.

4 opportunities to increase retention during onboarding

A great onboarding process is fully comprehensive. There is a lot of information to cover during those first few days — further emphasizing why digital onboarding is so important to complete before the new hire’s first shift. Once you have all of the necessary paperwork out of the way, you can focus on enhancing these four areas to positively impact your retention rates through a positive onboarding experience.

Demonstrate a welcoming work culture

These days, the culture at work often means more to applicants than it did in the past. To make a great first impression on your newest hire, you need to demonstrate the inclusivity at your hotel or resort. You can do this by organizing a welcome luncheon with their team for new housekeepers or designating a time during the day that your newest employees can interact directly with other staff members without being rushed to complete mandatory tasks and training. This opportunity allows them to bond with their teammates and can help contribute to them perceiving their work as fulfillable or enjoyable. 

To create a positive onboarding experience, you just need to practice what you preach. If you say you celebrate your employees, then make it a point to ask new hires when their birthday is or if they’re currently working toward an achievement in their personal life. When employment branding is done right, you foster a feeling of belonging — which is what you want your new hires to experience. If you want to take it to the next level, consider gifting your new employees with branded swag that they can wear on their shifts and off.

Set clear expectations

People, in general, dislike uncertainty. When a new hire comes into your hotel, you need to prioritize making the expectations for their role clear. This process starts with communicating what you expect someone in their role to achieve, along with what they can expect in their day to day on the job. Set your new employees up for success by partnering them with a senior employee who knows the ins and outs of the role so they can feel confident in their on-the-job training. Once your new staff members know what’s expected of them and how to successfully fulfill those expectations, they’ll feel more comfortable at your resort.

Get the staff together

Meeting new people can be intimidating — even more so when you’re joining a new organization who have pre-established groups and ways of doing things. Help your new hires out by organizing cross-team meetings with other teams they’ll likely interact with. With this simple introduction, you can eliminate some of that nervousness and ease them into the current flow of your resort. 

Beyond that, you could orchestrate a border orientation to the company as a whole so they’re familiar with the values that drive your business. When your workers can easily identify and see themselves in the value of your resort, they’ll be much more likely to say with you rather than job hopping.

Ready to upgrade your new hire experience?

A solid onboarding process is key to retaining your top employees. When you create a work environment where staff feel valued and included, offer employees the opportunity to succeed, and even provide workers the opportunity to work with their friends, you’re investing in the success of your resort. To see how Hireology can help you create a winning onboard experience for your employees and drive ROI, connect with our team!



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