Hireology Earns Top 10 Spot in 200+ G2 Reports

We’re excited to share that Hireology has earned a top 10 spot in more than 200 Winter 2024 G2 reports!

We placed #1 in several notable reports including employee referral programs, recruitment marketing, and HR analytics. We were also rated #3 in the applicant tracking system (ATS) category in terms of user satisfaction and ranked sixth best ATS overall. In total, we placed #1 in 28 reports, top five for 159 reports, and within the top 10 for 223. 

Hireology is a leader across the talent lifecycle

When it comes to badges, we were awarded 40 Leader badges across many critical talent lifecycle categories — from job description management to onboarding and many in between. We were also awarded badges that highlight our exceptional customer success and implementation teams.

Key leader badges

  • Applicant tracking system 
  • Background check
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Drug testing
  • Employee referral
  • Job description management
  • Onboarding
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Recruitment platforms
  • Reference check
  • Time tracking
  • Workforce management

Customer success & support badges

  • Best support
  • Best usability
  • Best relationship
  • Highest user adoption
  • Best results

Sales & implementation badges

  • Easiest doing business with
  • Easiest setup
  • Most implementable

Our commitment to customers

At Hireology, we are committed to understanding the evolving changes of today’s hiring market so we can provide our customers with everything they need to quickly and easily capture more than their fair share of talent. And we believe that it is this dedication that earns us these badges every year.

As one customer said in their G2 review, “With Hireology, the process in finding a candidate is seamless and an efficient experience! The platform’s intuitive design simplifies the recruitment process, allowing us to navigate through various stages effortlessly. From posting job listings to conducting interviews and making the final hire, Hireology streamlines every step.”

This year alone we became a Gold ATS partner with Indeed and launched several new Indeed integrations designed to make it easier for our customers to attract more quality talent on the popular job site. We also released Inbox enhancements for improved candidate communication, new referral campaign templates to make capturing referrals easier, critical security upgrades, and much more. For a full list of our 2023 product updates, read our year-end roundup blog.

Our user-friendly technology and customer-first mindset helps us earn these awards, but none of it is possible without our dedicated and loyal customers. That being said, if you’ve given us a review, thank you!

Not a Hireology customer yet? Take a self-guided tour of our platform to see the difference that the right software can make for your hiring goals.



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