Hire Top Talent Faster Than Ever With Hireology’s Mobile App

Top applicants won’t wait around for your slow process when making their next career move — especially when they have plenty of options at their fingertips. Instead, they’ll accept offers with the companies that move quickly and efficiently. And as a recruiter or hiring manager you know this, which is why moving fast is always top of mind.

But you’re probably also struggling to identify ways to streamline and speed up your process. You feel like you’re already moving at maximum speed to review applications, schedule interviews, and coordinate with internal teams for multiple open roles simultaneously. It feels as though it would be impossible to do your job any faster.

At Hireology, we’ve found that the easiest way to speed up the hiring process is to go mobile. Relying on desktop or laptop computers alone slows you down and places constraints on when and where you’re able to respond to applicants and keep the process moving. But with mobile, you can complete easy tasks like texting a candidate or sending a skills test from anywhere or at any time.

Our customers using the Hireology mobile app alongside our desktop platform are actually able to review applicants twice as fast as those using desktop alone. Here’s a closer look at how Hireology’s mobile app can help you connect with and hire top talent faster:

Get constant visibility 

Digging through disparate systems, emails, and spreadsheets on your computer in order to understand where a candidate or applicant is in the process can slow you down tremendously. But with Hireology’s mobile app, you can see new applicants as well as the status of all candidates right from the device you use all day long.

When viewing a candidate, you can easily see their contact information, access supporting documents, and look at their completed and upcoming hiring steps — giving you insight into exactly how they are progressing. And in the app’s most recent update, we added the ability to search, sort, and filter in order to quickly connect with the right applicant or candidate. You are also now able to review all accompanying documents and notes from the app.

Communicate from anywhere

Finding time to communicate with candidates about steps like scheduling interviews or conducting a reference check is often what slows you down the most. You’re constantly in meetings or conducting other interviews and it can take you hours to respond. But with Hireology’s mobile app, you can communicate with candidates right from your phone while you’re between meetings, commuting, or even away from your desk working from home.

Within the app, you can text or email applicants and view full message history across both channels. You can also advance or decline candidates using templated email messages, start calls from Hireology to quickly connect with applicants, and schedule delayed email templates to let candidates know they were not chosen.

Send offers sooner

The time it takes you to get to your desk to send an offer letter to your chosen candidate can be the difference between hiring them and losing them to the competitor down the street. But with the Hireology mobile app you can send pre-written offer letters on-the-go directly from your phone — cutting down the minutes or even hours it takes you to get to your desk after meetings, write the letter, and send it to the candidate via email.

Once an offer is accepted, the app will automatically kickstart any post-hire onboarding steps you have as part of your Hireology process — allowing you to set your new hire up for success even before they log in or step foot in the office for day one.

All of these features are available within the Hireology mobile app today. If you’re a current customer and you don’t already have the app, you can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play today. If you do, make sure you update to the latest version to get access to all of the newest features and functionality.

Not a Hireology customer? See why our mobile app is just one of our innovative features by getting a demo with our team today.



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