What You’re Missing if You’re Only Using an ATS for Hiring

Without the right tools and processes in place, hiring can be overwhelming and time consuming. In fact, nearly 60% of managers spend a minimum of 15 hours a week on administrative tasks, such as answering emails, scheduling interviews and managing job boards.

To save time and make hiring more efficient, many HR leaders tap into hiring software solutions. About 75 percent of recruiters and talent managers use some form of recruiting or applicant tracking software (ATS). While an ATS is an effective tool if you’re just starting out with organizing your hiring process, this type of software has some limitations.

An ATS can help your organization make the transition from paper-based or email applications to storing candidate data and managing the hiring process in a centralized platform, but in many cases, the capabilities end there.

Hireology started out as a simple ATS several years ago, but based on continuously addressing customer feedback, we’ve expanded our offerings significantly and now offer a full-stack of pre- and post-hire management tools — including everything from employee referrals technology, candidate communication (e.g., texting), background checks and other verifications, and payroll. See below for several ways your team can benefit from partnering with an all-in-one hiring and HR solution, rather than relying solely on an ATS.

Attract quality applicants

Standalone applicant tracking systems often lack the features you need to effectively attract quality candidates — or these features are either limited or only available with added fees. With an all-in-one hiring and HR platform, everything you need to attract top talent is integrated into the platform.

You can maximize your reach to job seekers by posting your jobs on multiple sourcing channels — including national, local, and niche industry-specific job boards — directly from your hiring platform. The best all-in-one solutions offer built-in employee referral technology too. That means referral candidates are entered directly into your hiring platform and you can track the status of their application as well as the payout owed to your employees from one central location.

Further, you can drive qualified job seekers to your open roles with a strong employment brand. A key feature of an all-in-one platform like Hireology is integrated career sites. The most engaged job seekers apply to open roles directly on company career sites, rather than simply clicking “apply” across several job boards. A Hireology career site will help you excite candidates by sharing information they care about most — such as an overview of your culture, core values, career paths, compensation, and work-life balance.

Boost your hiring efficiency

Once job seekers apply to your open roles — via your career site, an employee referral program, or another channel — they’ll automatically be added to your hiring process within the hiring platform. 

Many simple ATS solutions lack the steps and capabilities you need to make hiring as efficient as possible. With an all-in-one hiring and HR solution, your team can avoid wasting time manually reviewing applicants who aren’t a fit for your open roles by using automated prescreen surveys.
Prescreen surveys are automatically sent to prospective candidates as soon as they apply. These surveys can include knock-out questions, which help you rest assured that only the most qualified candidates move on to the next step in the hiring process.

An all-in-one hiring platform also makes the interview process easier on your team. Role-specific interview guides and automated scoring help you complete efficient, objective interviews. And once candidates ace their interviews, verify their background and experience using integrated background and reference checks.

Throughout the hiring process, an all-in-one hiring platform also helps you keep candidates engaged and excited about joining your team. While a simple ATS might have some baseline email capabilities, candidates get frustrated when they are left waiting to hear about the next steps in the hiring process. An all-in-one hiring platform like Hireology includes candidate text messaging to ensure your team stays in communication with candidates every step of the way.

Manage employees post-hire

With a traditional applicant tracking system, the transition from candidate to employee can be complicated — which can be frustrating for both new employees and hiring managers. But by tapping into an all-in-one hiring and HR platform, you can ensure that new hires are onboarded seamlessly and automatically added to your payroll and benefits systems.

More specifically, you can make a seamless transition by electronically sending new hire data to your digital onboarding process immediately after making each hire. Further, you can manage payroll, taxes, scheduling, compliance, and more from one centralized location — reducing the risk of error and lost time associated with siloed systems and manual data entry. For example, Hireology’s integration with WellSky, an operating platform for personal care providers, can reduce the time you spend scheduling employees by up to 80%. Hireology automatically sends new hire data to WellSky, which then quickly pulls a list of available caregivers that meet client care criteria, saving hours and decreasing the rate of mistakes.

Measure the success of your hiring efforts

Low-cost ATS providers often lack the tracking capabilities to demonstrate the value of your recruitment marketing and hiring efforts — or charge added fees for this data. Without these metrics, your team can’t accurately measure whether or not your ATS is driving value for your business.

Hireology is the only platform with easy-to understand analytics that provide clear insight into questions like: How fast am I hiring? Is everyone following the process? Where are my best candidates coming from?

Armed with this data, your team can better understand points of strength and weakness with your recruitment marketing and hiring, and receive actionable next steps for improvement, helping you continue to see value from your all-in-one hiring and HR platform.

An applicant tracking system is a great starting point for any small business that doesn’t have a hiring process in place. But it has limited capabilities when it comes to attracting talent, improving your hiring efficiency and boosting post-hire productivity. By enlisting the help of an all-in-one hiring and HR platform, you can build your best team in today’s competitive hiring market while saving time and money. Learn more about how Hireology can help you transform your recruitment marketing and hiring efforts — see a demo today



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