How Hireology’s Integration with WellSky Makes Hiring and People Management More Efficient

ClearCare is now WellSky Personal Care, and with this rebranding, we wanted to take the time to outline what Hireology’s integration with the organization has to offer for you and your facility. The integration is set up to ensure Hireology and WellSky Personal Care customers are able to attract and hire qualified caregivers, and effectively manage their workload.

Hireology enables home care agencies to attract qualified applicants and hire top performers, all from one intuitive platform. More specifically, Hireology offers home care agencies the following benefits:

  • Reach top talent: Build a diverse talent pool with compelling job descriptions, a content-rich career site and integrated job boards.
  • Run an effective hiring process: Customizable hiring steps and interview guides, along with in-platform verifications like skills tests, references and background checks, speed up hiring.
  • Boost candidate engagement: In-platform tools like candidate text messaging and automatic reminders save time while keeping candidates engaged.

Once a caregiver is hired through Hireology, data is securely sent to WellSky Personal Care where they can receive open shift opportunities, reducing scheduling time by 80%. These efficiencies can improve both hiring velocity and agency ratings with satisfied caregivers and clients.

The platform helps schedulers quickly pull a list of available caregivers that meet client care criteria, saving hours and reducing errors by allowing schedulers to send messages through the system to offer each shift to one or more caregivers. 

How the Partnership Works

The Hireology and WellSky Personal Care integration reduces friction by securely transferring applicant data from Hireology to WellSky Personal Care, where caregivers can start the completion of the WellSky Personal Care QuickApply applicant profile. 

Fields transferred over include: 

  • Applied Date/Time
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Phone

Once a caregiver record is created, from the WellSky Personal Care system, managers can seamlessly send open shift opportunities to one or multiple caregivers. As the hiring process progresses and applicants are hired or moved to inactive, status updates in Hireology will be reflected in WellSky Personal Care, reducing manual data entry and errors.

Hireology and WellSky Personal Care can help your organization lead hiring and people management processes more effectively. To learn more about the integration, click here



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