Diversify Your Applicant Sourcing with Jobs on Facebook

Are you looking to hire fast but struggling to fill open roles? If so, you’re not alone.

Many businesses are hoping to staff up to keep up with increased sales as the economy improves. But the supply of applicants just isn’t where we’d expect it to be at this point of the recovery — largely due to continuing COVID-19 health concerns, expanded unemployment benefits, and a lack of childcare options for job seekers. Despite reaching record levels of unemployment just one year ago, getting quality applicants into your pipeline and onto your payroll is harder than ever.

We’re hopeful that the gap between the number of open roles and candidates will close as we approach summer and more folks get vaccinated. But there are things you can do now to get in front of today’s top applicants before your competitors do. The easiest and most effective approach is diversifying your applicant sources and reaching job seekers where they are.

Hireology launched a direct integration with Jobs on Facebook last summer to help you do just that. The integration empowers you to reach great local applicants on the world’s most popular social network. Any job you open in Hireology is shared to your Facebook business page automatically, allowing applicants to apply for your open positions without ever leaving Facebook.

Why Jobs on Facebook?

Enabling the Jobs on Facebook integration in Hireology is a simple way to connect with today’s applicants on a social channel they’re already using and engaged with. With nearly 3 billion active users, Facebook is home to one of the fastest growing communities of job seekers online. Plus, Jobs on Facebook is free to use as long as you have a Facebook business account.

Using Jobs on Facebook is also incredibly intuitive for you and your applicants. When an applicant sees your job advertisement on Facebook, they can apply directly from Facebook, using the job history details in their Facebook profile as their application with the option to edit. Once the applicant submits their application it’s automatically sent to Hireology, kicking off your customized hiring process.

Since launching the integration last year, our customers have found that the quality of applicants coming from Jobs on Facebook is equivalent to that of the popular job boards such as Indeed. And it is the second most popular source for driving applicants in terms of volume. In April alone, Hireology customers attracted 25,000 applicants on Facebook — 5,000 of those applicants moved to the candidate stage and 500 were hired.

Setting up your integration with Jobs on Facebook is easy. You need to have administrator access in Hireology as well as your business’ Facebook page. Once you complete this two-step process, all current and future jobs will be eligible to be shared on your company’s Facebook feed.

Looking ahead

We’re excited to launch a big improvement to the Jobs on Facebook integration next month that will allow new jobs to flow into the main newsfeed organically and automatically. With this enhancement, applicants won’t have to navigate to the Jobs on Facebook marketplace or your business page to view and apply to open roles. Your jobs will appear in their newsfeed alongside posts from their friends and other companies they follow.

Our integration has always supported an automatic flow of jobs from Hireology to Jobs on Facebook — saving you the time it takes to manually upload new jobs to the Facebook platform. But we’re looking forward to giving you even more exposure to top applicants with this upcoming ehancement. Check back on the blog later this month for more details on the official release.

Not a Hireology customer? See why our Jobs on Facebook integration is just one of our innovative features by signing up for a demo with our team today.



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