Boost Your Healthcare Team Productivity with Seamless Technology

Each day your home health care agency or long-term care facility has an open role, this leads to lost productivity. Your team needs to be fully staffed with qualified, compassionate employees to provide top-notch patient care  and drive profitability at your healthcare organization.

A streamlined hiring process can help you attract and hire top talent for your open roles quickly and efficiently. And once these new hires sign their offer letters, it’s critical to get them up to speed and driving productivity for your organization as soon as possible. Below, we’ve outlined a few ways you can tap into technology to make the transition from candidate to employee as seamless as possible. 

Integrate your hiring platform with your other HR systems

Setting new hires up for success can be an administrative burden if you don’t have the right technology to make the process as simple  as possible. But the right hiring partner can help you ensure a seamless connection between the hiring process and other HR systems. 

With the information you already have on hand from the hiring process, you can automatically create an employee profile with everything you need to get each new employee started on the right foot from an administrative standpoint. For example, Hireology powers connections between its hiring platform and payroll, pre-boarding/onboarding, HRIS, scheduling and other HR systems. These integrations can help your healthcare team save time on administrative work that would have otherwise been manual and tedious.

Support digital onboarding on your healthcare team

For many employees, new hire onboarding involves spending hours of the first day filling out tedious onboarding paperwork. But the more time each member of your healthcare team spends on paperwork during his or her first day or week, the less time they’ll have to start driving productivity for your organization.

Instead of waiting until the first day to complete onboarding paperwork, your team can tap into digital onboarding, which enables the onboarding process to kick off as soon as an offer letter is signed. Digital onboarding can help your team start contributing to the business sooner, and will save your HR team time that would be spent on administrative work during a new employee’s first day and week. 

Automated, digital onboarding tasks that can be completed before the first day include: filling out direct deposit information for automated payroll, completing tax forms, filling out benefits paperwork and signing the employee handbook.

When employees read through your employee handbook before the first day, they’ll have the opportunity to learn more about your healthcare team and your company as a whole,  making them even more eager to succeed on your team. 

At a time when many businesses are operating in a remote capacity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital onboarding can also help your team continue hiring new employees, even if you can’t meet in person.

Embrace integrated employee scheduling 

Once onboarding paperwork is complete, another way to boost productivity on your healthcare team is by making the scheduling process as smooth as possible. This can be done through an integration between your hiring and scheduling systems, which enables new hire data to be seamlessly sent to your scheduling provider, enabling employees to accept new shifts quickly.

>> The Hireology platform is integrated with several top scheduling and HR technology providers in the healthcare space. Learn more here

Improved, streamlined scheduling can help caregivers cut back on administrative tasks, enabling them to focus on offering the best patient care possible. For example, without scheduling software, many caregivers either have to call your agency or manually write down shifts to log their time. With integrated time logs, your employees can dedicate time back to caring for patients – and your healthcare team can reduce errors when it comes time to pay caregivers and other employees. As a result, more efficient scheduling can improve your agency’s ratings with both satisfied caregivers and clients.

Seamless post-hire technology can help you set new employees up for success and empower them to drive productivity for your team right away. Hireology helps streamline hiring and onboarding for healthcare organizations across the country.

Are you interested in learning more about how Hireology can help your home health care or home care team? Get started now.



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