A Look Back at Everything We Launched in 2021

2021 was a year full of highs and lows. Although the COVID-19 pandemic still looms in the background, advancements in testing, vaccines, and treatment have allowed for life to return to some semblance of normalcy. As a result, consumers returned to in-person activities,  businesses reopened, and you needed to hire — fast.

But of course, hiring this year was easier said than done. The pandemic led to massive shifts in what workers want and expect from their employers. And on top of that, many of those who lost their jobs at the onset of the pandemic found it difficult to return to the careers they once held — due to factors like health concerns and lack of childcare.
At Hireology, our primary goal this year was to help you overcome these challenges and connect with top applicants, hire folks faster, and ultimately build your best team. And we think we were pretty successful. In 2021 alone, Hireology customers:

  • Opened 262,996 new jobs
  • Drove 4,243,816 applicants
  • Made 127,950 hires

Top product launches of 2021


We’ve long supported career sites, job boards, and social media to connect with top talent, but had never entered the referral space before this summer. With the acquisition of EmployUs, our platform now automates much of the manual work associated with employee referral programs and makes it easier than ever for your team to submit referrals. And because it’s built into our applicant tracking system, you can now manage your referral programs alongside all of your other applicant sourcing channels.


The summer of 2021 also brought us Inbox — a feature designed to centralize all hiring manager communication within the Hireology platform. With Inbox, you can review all new and previous communications with applicants and candidates in one dedicated messaging center. Inbox is designed to keep you organized, help you ensure that no messages fall through the cracks, and empower you to engage with and hire candidates faster.

New in-app verifications

Background checks and drug screens are useful for gaining that extra peace of mind that you’re hiring someone fully capable of doing the job at the level you expect. This year, we expanded our in-app background check and drug screening options for customers who need even more extensive verifications. We now offer a 9-panel drug screen, DOT-HHS mirror drug screen, and federal criminal search — all of which can be ordered directly from the Hireology platform.

myCNAjobs integration

This year we also further expanded our healthcare recruitment offerings with a new partnership with myCNAjobs — the nation’s largest career network of direct care workers. With this integration, you can reach more home care and home health care job seekers and get qualified folks on board easily, from one intuitive platform.

Mass transfer

Mass transfer is a new feature designed to make transferring multiple candidates within Hireology easier than ever. The functionality allows you to send both applicants and candidates to different roles or locations en masse. You can select which folks you want to move and send them all simultaneously with the click of a button.

What’s next for Hireology?

Although we accomplished a lot in 2021, we know there is more work to be done as next year is shaping up to be just as unpredictable as the last. That’s why we have a full plate of new releases based on direct feedback from you planned for early next year.  Be on the lookout for the following product features in Q1:

  • Interview scheduling: Accelerate the hiring process by empowering candidates to schedule their own interview based on the availability set by the hiring team within Hireology
  • Mass download: Download all onboarding documents that applicants provide throughout the hiring process with a single action, resulting in significant time savings

And that is just the beginning. We look forward to another year of helping you recruit quality job seekers, hire the best, and keep top performers around long term. In the meantime, stay well and happy new year.



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