Product Update: Introducing Mass Transfer

If you’re looking to hire for a new role quickly, you know that the best candidates are often those who have applied to roles at your company before. These folks are typically the most serious about working for you and if they’ve made it to the interview stage for a previous role, you already know that they’re qualified. To successfully re-engage these candidates, it’s important that you make it as easy as possible for them to apply for a different position within your organization without starting over.

This is why Hireology has always allowed you to easily move applicants and candidates to different active roles within the platform using our candidate transfer feature. You can transfer their application and hiring process details seamlessly to the new role, which works great if you are transferring one or two candidates. But transferring large groups of candidates to a different role takes more time.

We’re excited to announce that next week we’re releasing mass transfer — a new feature designed to make transferring multiple candidates within Hireology easier than ever. The functionality will allow you to send both applicants and candidates to different roles or locations en masse. You’ll be able to select which folks you want to move and send them all simultaneously with the click of a button.

The functionality also gives you total control over which applicant or candidate details you transfer. You can choose to withhold information that might not be relevant to the new position, or share everything you have on file, including: 

  • Qualification documents
  • Prescreen surveys
  • Interview notes, scores, and comments
  • Skills test results
  • References
  • Background checks 

Mass transfer will be particularly useful if you’re looking to quickly fill roles that are similar to positions you’ve hired for in the past. For example, let’s say you manage a gym and you just hired a new fitness instructor. Later, you decide to open up another location within the same city and you need to quickly fill new positions. You can easily move all qualified candidates who applied to the first instructor opening to the new location without making them resubmit their information or retake any skills tests.

The overall goal of the functionality is to make it easier for you to manage your flow of applicants between locations or roles. This will help you speed up the hiring process while also providing the quality candidate experience today’s applicants expect. At a time when hiring is harder than ever, anything you can do to keep top candidates engaged and moving through the hiring process quickly will go a long way.

Mass transfer will be available for all Hireology customers starting next week. In your Hireology account, simply check multiple applicants in the selection manager, and use the new “Transfer to Job” button to choose the location, role and materials to be sent to the new role. 



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