New In-App Background Check Packages for Added Peace of Mind

At a time when hiring is harder than ever, it’s critical that anyone you do bring on board is the right fit. A great upfront screening process plus effective interviews are important always, but in some industries that’s not enough. You rely on background checks and drug screens for that extra peace of mind that you’re hiring someone fully capable of doing the job at the level you expect.

At Hireology, we understand that this need is vital — particularly for roles in healthcare, heavy equipment operation, or trucking. That’s why we’ve always offered background checks and drug screening options for customers to order directly from the Hireology platform. And within the last month, we prioritized expanding those options for those who need even more extensive verifications.

The below list of new test and screens are available today for Hireology customers that utilize our in-platform verifications:

9-panel drug screen

This screen is a urine-based test for amphetamines, cocaine, THC, opiates, PCP, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, and propoxyphene. The 9-panel drug screen is useful for employers hiring for critical roles that require a more extensive verification beyond our current 5-panel and 4-panel offerings — primarily in healthcare.

DOT-HHS mirror drug screen

HHS regulated DOT-approved drug screenings ensure drivers are not impaired on the road, making this screen useful for heavy equipment operators and trucking companies. This screen is typically used following an accident to confirm that drivers involved did not have substances in their systems. Many of our customers in these fields use it during the hiring process to ensure applicants did not cause an accident in a previous role and are now looking for a new position while having impairing substances still in their systems.

Federal criminal search

Federal crimes do not appear in state or local databases. So we added this federal criminal search option, which offers the ability to search state-level records from federal district courts to discover crimes committed against the United States government. This verification can be combined with state and local searches for a comprehensive background check.

In addition to helping you bring on the right folks for the job, the ability to order these tests directly from the platform you’re already using is an added bonus. Manually tracking information in disparate systems slows you down and creates opportunities for error. And the longer and more clunky the process is, the greater the chance you will lose those top candidates to competitors.

All of these options are available now for Hireology customers. And ordering one is easy — you can do so exactly like you would for our existing verification packages within Hireology. Navigate to the background checks tab in either the candidate’s profile or your jobs page and type in the searches you’d like to conduct.

Hiring during a global pandemic is hard enough. Running routine background checks and drug screens shouldn’t be an added stressor. We also have several additional platform updates in the pipeline that are designed to help you streamline your process as the economy recovers and you ramp up hiring. Check back on the blog for more information about what’s to come.



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