A Closer Look at Hireology’s Integration with Netchex + Dealertrack

Since 2020, Hireology’s integration with Netchex and Dealertrack has allowed dealerships of all sizes to streamline their hiring and HR processes by bringing disparate systems together into one single platform. 

But how exactly do these integrations benefit dealerships? And how does it all work?

Running your hiring and HR processes with multiple disconnected systems requires you to spend extensive time jumping from platform to platform and re-entering data. Every time you make a new hire that person’s data then has to be manually transferred into your payroll, benefits, time and attendance, dealer management systems and more. It’s time you could be spending doing other tasks like connecting with applicants and candidates. And even worse, it’s incredibly error prone.

Working this way is always inefficient, but especially at a time when hiring is tough. You’re backfilling dozens of roles lost during the pandemic and you’re grappling with unprecedented talent shortage and turnover. If for each applicant, candidate, and new hire, you have to enter all of their data multiple times into all of these systems, wasted time adds up fast. 

This is why Hireology has made it a priority to build powerful integrations with Netchex and Dealertrack. All three of these systems communicate seamlessly, causing less friction in your day-to-day people operations processes. Here’s a closer look at how Hireology’s integrations with best-in-class providers like Netchex and Dealertrack help set your dealership up for success:

Attract great talent and hire fast

Hireology helps you connect and engage with more talent and ultimately drive more applicants by facilitating a diversified sourcing strategy. You can easily share your open roles across leading job boards and social media, and even improve your Google search rankings. Plus, you can run your employee referral program right from your account. And finally, you can use Hirelogy to build a content-rich career site that motivates potential applicants to apply.

Once you start driving applicants, Hireology can then help you move them through your hiring process faster with features like in-platform communication, pre-screening surveys, and automated reference and background checks. You can even send offer letters directly from your account.

Transfer new hire data and run payroll

Once your new hire has signed their offer letter, their data is transferred directly to Netchex — a comprehensive, web-based suite of payroll, HR, and benefit administrative services for dealerships. 

By automating this sync, you can create payroll records and kickoff onboarding steps to ramp new hires quickly. From there, you can manage time, attendance, benefits administration and payroll — all from a centralized location. Ultimately this integration allows you to onboard new hires faster and reduce time to productivity. It also reduces the human error that occurs when you’re forced to manually re-enter data.

Manage all of your dealership’s operations

Once you’re in Netchex, that’s where your Dealertrack integration comes in. Dealertrack DMS integrates with Netchex payroll to help you take complete control over your operations and employee activities. 

With this integration, gone are the days of switching back and forth between your payroll provider and DMS to access and manage data such as paid time off requests, regular payroll, sales commissions, tech time, and more. Everything from employee time cards to your accounting data is located in a single location, saving your hours of manual labor and reducing the risk of costly error.

To summarize, key features of the Hireology + Netchex + Dealertrack integration include:

  • Automatic transfer of new hire data, kicking off onboarding and payroll processes
  • Management of paid time off requests and accruals, performance reviews, job summaries and more, eliminating the need to track these manually or in separate systems
  • One payroll system of record for all HR information and real-time automatic posting to the DMS General Ledger
  • Sales commissions, tech time, and employee receivables integration

Moving slow and making mistakes is a big reason why businesses today miss out on top talent. Set yourself up for success by streamlining your hiring and HR processes and reducing the risk of error by integrating your Hireology account with Netchex + Dealertrack today. If you’re not yet a Hireology customer, sign up for a free demo to learn more.



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