4 Tips to Boost Hiring Success For the Rest of the Decade

We’re a third of the way through the 2020’s, so this is the perfect opportunity to measure your hiring success over the past few years and outline actionable steps to improve your hiring in the rest of the decade.

The hiring landscape evolved significantly over the last few years. By the end of 2019, the economy was stronger than ever, with unemployment at a 50-year low. This low unemployment rate continued to reach historic records after the pandemic as well, indicating that people were ready to get back to work. 

Looking ahead to the rest of the decade, your team needs to take proactive steps to set yourself up for hiring success no matter the economic conditions. Below, we’ve outlined several key tips to get started. 

Rethink your recruitment marketing channels 

Many employers don’t have an ongoing, proactive recruitment marketing strategy in place and make the mistake of investing in only one or two recruitment marketing channels – such as a one-off job board posting each time a role opens. But relying on job boards can result in a high quantity, low quality of applicants. And employers often have limited visibility into which job boards drive the most quality applicants and eventual hires.

Instead of investing in only one or two applicant channels, Hireology data found that a multichannel recruitment marketing strategy can help drive five times more quality applicants. Beyond investing in one-off job board postings each time you have open roles, you should have a continuous strategy in place to invest in a variety of job boards – including national, local and niche, industry-specific job boards. Your team should also expand your strategy beyond job boards with such channels as your career site and targeted ads. 

A well-built career site is often the top source for quality candidates. Top candidates turn to career sites rather than simply clicking “apply” through job boards, as they’re engaged and want to learn more about career opportunities before officially applying. 

With a multichannel recruitment marketing strategy in place, you can reach top talent where they’re searching for role and save money by only investing in channels that lead to qualified hires. 

Leverage data to improve your hiring

As an HR or hiring manager, tapping into data to improve your hiring process will save your team time and money in the years to come, while helping you secure top talent before the competition. 

With the right hiring technology in place, you can continuously improve your recruitment and hiring efforts. For example, Hireology’s built-in analytics features actionable Q&A analytics that answer questions such as:

  • How fast am I hiring?
  • Is my team missing steps in the hiring process? 
  • Which recruitment marketing channels are driving the most quality candidates and hires?

Using this data, you can outline key steps to drive hiring success by making your process more efficient. If Insights show that managers often skip a certain hiring step, you can hold them accountable to better following your process. Or if you notice a recruitment marketing channel – such as a specific job board – isn’t driving many quality candidates, you can stop investing in that particular channel and only dedicate resources to channels that drive quality candidates and eventual hires. 

Streamline hiring steps 

Rather than completing each hiring step manually, the most successful hiring managers understand the importance of automating hiring steps along the way. Not only will automating certain hiring steps save your team time, but it will also help you create a more engaging candidate experience, setting your organization up for hiring success in the long run. 

One step that can be easily streamlined is the candidate review process. Automated prescreen surveys can be sent to applicants, to cut back on initial applicant review time and weed out those who are not a fit. Applicants who score well on prescreen surveys are then sent to the candidate stage of your hiring process for your hiring managers to review, saving time that would have been spent manually reviewing each applicant – including those who are unqualified.

Later in the hiring process, a final step your team should always take before extending a job offer is verifying candidates using reference and background checks – another step that can easily be automated. For reference checks, candidates can simply fill in their references’ contact information and surveys are automatically sent out – saving you from tracking down references for a phone call. And for background checks, candidates can submit the required personal information and the rest of the process is taken care of automatically.

Build relationships with candidates 

Beyond speeding up applicant review time and other verification steps, today’s job seekers expect an engaging candidate experience each step of the way. One way for your team to be set up for success in the next decade is by building relationships with candidates through improved candidate communication

To make communication easier – for both your team and candidates themselves – you can tap into candidate text messaging. This way, you can avoid playing phone tag with candidates and the risk of candidates overlooking emails in their crowded inboxes. Over half of job applicants applicants use their mobile devices during the job search process – and many would be open to receiving hiring process updates via text message. 

Text messaging is a powerful communication channel for both employers and job seekers and can streamline your candidate and new hire communication, keeping candidates engaged. If you don’t keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process, they’ll likely get frustrated, think your team isn’t interested in moving forward, or even accept a job offer from a competing employer.

Your team can use text messaging to seamlessly schedule interviews, share directions to your place of business, remind candidates to complete key hiring steps, such as filling out background and reference check forms, and more. As an added bonus, hiring managers who have used Hireology’s text messaging solution have decreased time to hire by 8 days, ultimately increasing productivity that’s typically lost when roles are open.

 For additional information on how you can more efficiently attract and hire top talent for your team, schedule a demo of Hireology’s leading recruiting and hiring platform today.



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