Hiring 101: Automated Candidate Communication

We’ve all struggled with candidate ghosting — but did you know that infrequent communication from potential employers is actually the top reason why candidates drop out unannounced? 

With automated candidate communication, you can eliminate this common ghosting reason while increasing the likelihood of adding top talent to your team — simply by creating a positive hiring journey for them. This small gesture is one that can help you create a positive first impression (and might even win you some workers!). 

What is automated candidate communication?

Automated candidate communication are the messages that are immediately sent to an applicant that your HR team doesn’t need to touch after creating triggers. Some great examples of this include sending automated “thank you” emails notifying applicants when their application will be reviewed.

Let’s break it down: candidate communication counts as any message sent to an applicant from your hiring team. The automated part comes into play when you implement messages to be sent on behalf of your team when a desired action (like submitting an application) occurs. 

Why is automating the recruitment process important?

There are plenty of reasons why automating the recruitment process is important — not least of which includes gaining respect from potential employees. When you find ways to automate the hiring process, you:

  • Eliminate tedious, manual tasks for your hiring team
  • Fill roles faster
  • Improve the overall candidate experience

Beyond these face value benefits, you also have the opportunity to improve your overall employer brand by practicing transparency with applicants. Nobody likes surprises — and job seekers like them even less. You can use automated candidate communications to keep candidates informed of where they are in the hiring journey so they can save their mental energy for other concerns. This simple act of respect can win you major points and even excite applicants for the chance to work with you!

Plus, 61% of job seekers accept the first offer they receive. When it comes to hiring, you’ve got to be fast and first if you want to add top talent to your team. 

What should I include in my automated candidate communications?

As a rule of thumb, at a minimum you should include:

  • A ‘thank you’ for submitting their application
  • A brief mention of the role they applied for
  • What their current application status is
  • What the next steps are
  • A general timeframe they can expect to hear back from you

See our samples below for a general idea of what your automated emails or text messages should look like.

Sample application acknowledgement email

[Applicant Name],

Thanks for applying for the position of [Job Title] with us at [Company]. We appreciate the time you took to complete and submit your application.


We’re currently in the process of reviewing applications. We will begin scheduling interviews in [time frame]. If you are included in the next round of the interview process, our human resources department will reach out to you by [estimated date/time].

Thank you again!

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

Sample application acknowledgement text message

Hi, [Name]! 

Thank you for your interest in [Job Title] with us at [Company]. We’re currently reviewing applications and will begin scheduling interviews [time frame]. Our human resources department will reach out to you by [estimated date] if you’re selected for an interview.

How can I implement automation with my Hireology account?

When it comes to hiring, Hireology is here to make things easier — which is why we’ve created ways for your hiring team to automate messaging. 

Request missing information

Now, you can automatically send a request to applicants to provide missing information from their profile. This feature was created for your team to passively capture information so you can avoid missing out on top talent. 

Acknowledge application submissions

Instantly send email or text messages to candidates confirming receipt of their application and a timeline of when it will be reviewed. This automation will remove the tedious task of initial confirmation from your hiring team while building a positive reputation for your company. You can leverage email and text templates within our platform to deliver consistent and personalized messaging.

Enroll new hires in employee referral program

Designed to bring awareness of your employee referral program to your newest team members, this automation will enroll new hires two weeks after their start date into your referral campaign. This will allow you to passively recruit new talent to your team by tapping into new employees’ existing networks of former colleagues, friends, and family.

Automated candidate communication is just one of the tools at your disposal to make hiring easier — but Hireology has even more in store. Take a self-guided tour of our platform to see just how easy hiring better talent can be with Hireology.



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