3 Hireology Features That Help You Communicate, Collaborate, and Stay Organized

“So much to do, so little time.” This is one of the biggest frustrations we hear from our customers and prospects. The economy is ramping up but the labor market is tough, leaving recruiters and hiring managers at organizations across all industries scrambling to quickly fill open positions.

And the more open roles you have, the harder everything becomes — you’re scheduling interviews, ordering background checks, sending skills tests, and you’re in constant communication with several different internal stakeholders all at the same time. Plus you’re moving fast in order to keep top candidates interested and engaged. It’s really easy to fall behind or lose track of key pieces of information in the shuffle.

Many Hireology customers are solving this problem by using some small but mighty features in our platform — tagging, @mentions, and candidate transfer. These tools are helping our customers keep all candidate information organized and allow for faster communication that leaves no room for key details to fall through the cracks. So what exactly are these features and how do you use them? Here are the details:


Hireology’s tagging feature works much like social media hashtags. You can assign candidates tags that correspond with specific criteria, like whether or not they’re a referral or if they’ve received certain industry certifications. Then you can click on those tags later to identify all of the candidates that meet the criteria. And you can customize the tags to fit with the needs of your organization.

Tagging helps you better organize your candidates by grouping them by key qualifications or experiences. It also helps you quickly identify the right folks to move forward with. For example, let’s say you know you need to hire someone with weekend availability. Rather than manually searching through each candidate’s application, you can click the corresponding tag to view all of the candidates with the required availability. 


@mentions let you notify and loop in other hiring managers within comments you make anywhere in the platform. For example, you can @mention the hiring managers with your thoughts on a candidate’s resume or interview and they can respond right there in the platform for the rest of the team to see. Or a hiring manager might use @mentions to signal to recruiters that interviews are good to set up or ask for finance approval to move the candidate to the offer stage.

@mentions keep your hiring process moving quickly and seamlessly by centralizing all conversations and communications across the team into a single location. That way, no key details are lost within your email or chat tool and the conversations are visible for everyone involved to see and digest at a glance.

Candidate transfer

With candidate transfer, you can seamlessly transfer applicants or candidates — along with all related documents, comments, and interview notes — to other managers, jobs, or locations. Candidate transfer saves time you would have otherwise spent asking the candidate to re-apply to new roles or for similar roles at different locations, allowing you to fulfill your hiring needs across your broader organization faster.

We recently launched an update to this feature that allows you to move candidates from role to role or manager to manager en masse. While the original candidate transfer feature works great for transferring one or two candidates, mass transfer is useful for organizations looking to move large amounts of folks to different roles or locations at once.

As the labor shortage rages on and hiring remains as tough as ever, anything you can do to speed up your hiring process and improve the experience for your candidates will go a long way. At Hireology we’re constantly enhancing our platform to help you do just that. Be sure to check back on the blog for updates as we have several exciting product updates in the works. Not a Hireology customer? Sign up for a demo today.



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