2017 Hireology Product Year in Review

This year, Hireology experienced the company’s most significant growth to date, and we have our customers to thank for our success. We’ve expanded our loyal customer base, and each customer plays a significant role in the monumental growth our business has seen.
We continuously identify new ways to help our customers find, hire and manage top talent. On the product side of the business, we made several updates to the Hireology platform in 2017, including the following: 

Payroll and Talent Management Integration

Hireology now streamlines hiring, onboarding, payroll and talent management – from hire to retire – in one integrated platform. The integrated talent management platform centralizes hiring, payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance, tax information, and all other relevant employee information. This eliminates the need to manually reference and transfer data between multiple decentralized HR systems, reducing errors and saving time.

Insights Q&A Reporting Launch

Hireology Insights offers easy-to-understand reporting that provides clear visibility into hiring metrics, highlighting points of strength and weakness in the hiring process. The reporting enables business owners and talent acquisition leaders to gain a clear understanding of hiring performance across locations and managers, and shows this success compared to peers using industry-specific benchmarks. With Insights, businesses can determine actionable next steps to improve the hiring process by answering the following questions:

Applicant Engine Release for Proactive Applicant Sourcing

Applicant Engine manages recruitment advertising spend to deliver quality candidates and drive cost savings. Rather than buying a one-off job board posting with unknown ROI, with Applicant Engine, job board spend campaigns are managed to reach the best candidates automatically across hundreds of sources. These sources include national job boards, industry-specific job boards, organic search engine feeds, local classified ads, social media and other niche sources.
Using Applicant Engine, customers can also continuously measure the success of each sourcing channel – such as which sources are most likely to deliver quality candidates or result in hires – and eliminate the sourcing channels that aren’t working.
In addition to our featured product releases, we made several incremental updates throughout the year including a partnership with ZipRecruiter and Google Jobs Support, among other developments. Continuous platform updates ensure we continue providing our customers with the best hiring and talent management solution on the market.

2017 Numbers from the Hireology Platform

To wrap up the year, we’d like to highlight some key hiring stats from the Hireology platform:

  • 69,580 jobs were opened (47% increase over 2016)
  • 3,779,637 applicants were received through the Hireology platform (54% increase over 2016)
  • 550,321 applicants reached the candidate stage of the hiring process (35% increase over 2016)
  • 49,757 hires were made using Hireology (a 43% increase over 2016)

Our customers also saved 9,947 days in total by following a standardized hiring process that enabled customers to speed up hiring velocity (time to hire). This resulted in a 4-day median increase in hiring velocity, meaning customers filled open roles almost a full week faster than roles were filled previously.
Our team is always hard at work on the latest updates to the Hireology platform, and we continuously take customer feedback and industry trends into account as we improve our platform. We’re looking forward to another great year helping our customers build their best teams in 2018.



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