Applicant Sourcing

Automatically Build Your Talent Pool and Excite Top Applicants
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Applicant Sourcing

See how automated sourcing can find 2x quality candidates at 1/3 the cost
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Applicant Sourcing

Automatically build your talent pool and encourage top applicants to apply
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Everything You Need to Source the Best Applicants

Build Your Talent Pool, Excite Top Applicants and Measure ROI with the Hireology Sourcing Suite

Get More Quality Applicants Automatically

With Applicant Engine, Hireology automatically delivers quality candidates to your team. Stop using costly, one-off job boards with unknown ROI by having Hireology manage your sourcing budget from up to 500+ local and national applicant sources. We’ll monitor performance and invest your budget in only the best channels, driving top applicants right to you.

Build Your Employment Brand

Encourage the best candidates to apply for your open roles with a dedicated career site. Hireology will design, develop, and host your career site highlighting the aspects of your company top candidates are looking for. Showcase your open roles, benefits, culture and career path in a mobile-optimized, SEO-friendly experience.

See Your Best Applicant Sources & ROI

With the Sourcing Insight, you’ll see a bird’s eye view of all sourcing activity to understand your recruitment investment across all channels. Measure the success of your hiring process – like time to hire and sourcing ROI – and identify actionable next steps for improvement.


One Unified Hiring Process

Applicants sourced for your open roles are instantly added to your Hireology ATS to kick off the hiring process. A pre-screen survey will help prioritize who to review, and built-in interview guides, skill tests, background checks and references speed up your hiring velocity.

Source Smarter and Build your Employment Brand

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