New Hire Onboarding

Eliminate paperwork and keep new hires engaged with automated onboarding

Set New Hires Up for Success Before Day One

Automate error-prone processes, save time and boost new hire productivity

Automate Error-Prone Processes

Onboarding is a critical first step for new hires, but much of the work is administrative – completing tax forms, reading handbooks and selecting benefits. Reduce errors and automate admin-intensive tasks to make day one great.

Support a Stress-Free Start

Make a seamless transition by electronically sending new hire data to your digital onboarding process immediately after making each hire. With administrative tasks completed ahead of time, you’ll increase engagement and productivity for new hires. 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they have a positive onboarding experience.

Centralize New Hire Paperwork

Securely store sensitive onboarding and employee data digitally. With centralized, electronic storage, have easy access in case of audits or litigation. 

Ensure Compliance and Avoid Risk

Maintain compliance with state and federal employment verification requirements and avoid penalties. Electronically sign, store and audit I-9 employment verification and W-4 income tax forms. 

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