Indeed Policy Update & Mitigation Strategies

Indeed recently made some policy changes expected to impact the volume of applicant flow some home care organizations are accustomed to getting for their open roles. The following is an overview of the change and recommended mitigation strategies. 


Indeed has formally blocked all staffing and staffing-like agencies from their organic feed effective January 7, 2019. Read more about Indeed’s policy decision here. This change will affect the volume of applicant flow for these organizations.

Some home care agencies are being categorized as staffing agencies. Indeed states that this classification is warranted because home care agencies employ job seekers directly to perform tasks, duties, and/or work that they have been contracted to fulfill by their clients.

Since Hireology is not a recruiting or staffing agency, the use of our software has NO IMPACT on Indeed’s decision for your organization. 

If you are impacted by Indeed’s policy change and want to display your open jobs on Indeed’s site, you will need to pay Indeed for a sponsored job posting. If you have not yet been impacted, know that change is likely coming. 

In either case, Hireology is here for you and we have compiled a list of actions and strategies to consider in your hiring and recruiting practices. 

Most organizations leverage a combination of tactics based on unique hiring goals and budget. We have already helped thousands of customers manage this transition and are here to answer any questions you have on this or other Hireology-related items.

Without any additional investment, you can increase the quantity and quality of job seekers applying to your open roles by taking the following steps:

Optimize Your Job Descriptions for Search Results

Given record-low unemployment and the competitive job market, today’s job seeker is doing extensive research and is highly selective when it comes to making a career move. If your job descriptions do not appear in search results, you are less likely to get applicants. To help optimize your content and, as a result, drive exposure for your open roles, we’ve outlined several best practices below. 

Keep Job Titles and Descriptions Short

  • Keep titles to one to three words and avoid using symbols (%, $, &, and !)
  • Keep job descriptions between 300 and 800 words in length

Share What Makes Your Team Stand Out

  • Include a strong company overview, list of responsibilities and requirements
  • Highlight your location, community involvement, training resources and career growth opportunities
  • If your team has won any employment awards – like best places to work – make sure the awards are outlined in your job descriptions as well.

Add an Equal Opportunity Statement

  • Include an Equal Opportunity Statement to help stand out as an employer.
  • Here’s an example of a statement you can use: “We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.”

Optimize for Google for Jobs

Google recently launched Google for Jobs, a new interface to help job seekers easily find their next job. When you search for “jobs near me,” “caregiver jobs,” or similar job-seeking queries, you’ll see in-depth results that allow job seekers to explore jobs from across the web. To boost results and make sure your job postings are discoverable in this new feature, take the following steps:

  • Refresh your job. Google will remove your job after 30 days, so make sure to refresh regularly.
  • Update your company profile, address and social links. Google highly values accurate information about your business.

Read step-by-step directions on how to refresh your job and update your company profile in Hireology here. 

Establish an Effective Hiring Process

Before you even post a job, make sure you have first defined a step-by-step hiring process along with timelines that you want your hiring team to adhere to. It is also important to communicate this process clearly across your hiring team, so that they can be duly held accountable for meeting the expectations outlined in the process. Here are some best practices for setting up an effective hiring process:

  • Review all applicants to the jobs that you have posted: As one of the goals that you set for your hiring process, define a target completion percentage for your applicant reviews.
  • Reduce time to review: Set a target turnaround time on applicant review completion, and make sure all applicants are reviewed within that time frame, without exceptions.   

Increase Applicant Conversion with SMS

Leverage SMS/text messaging to streamline communication between job seekers and employees. Take steps to improve communication in the following ways:

  • Schedule Interviews: Send initial confirmations and reminders for upcoming interviews
  • Reconnect with Candidates: Share new roles with prior candidates
  • Send Reminders: Send reminders to ensure the completion of hiring steps and onboarding tasks 

Increase Interview Completion Rate by 20%

Reduce Time to Hire by Up to 8 Days

Measure ROI and Optimize Your Recruitment Spend

Monitor which sources – different job boards, career site, etc. – drive the most quality candidates, which channels result in the most hires and overall job board ROI. This data can be used to optimize spend and eliminate sources that aren’t working. 

Need help getting started? Contact us for a free source evaluation consultation. 

For others, the days of sourcing applicants solely through job boards have given way to more structured, multi-channel approaches that require a higher spend. Over the long-term, a coordinated strategy, regular audits of applicant sources, and fast adjustments to recruitment spend will result in lower costs, higher quality applicants and a decreased time to hire – translating into increased ROI.

Consider incorporating the following paid tactics into your recruitment strategy: 

Leverage Hireology's Attract Suite to Drive Greater Awareness, Applications and Conversion

Distribute Your Jobs and Reach a Wider Audience with Integrated Job Boards

If you have been banned by Indeed, your jobs will still be ingested organically by Google Jobs, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Jooble and Jobcase via Hireology. These integrations are included in your base platform subscription and are completely automated for users. Since Hireology is not a recruiting or staffing agency, the use of our software has no impact on Indeed’s decision for your organization.

Thirty days after the initial open date, you have an option to refresh any of the jobs in your account. Refreshing the position will repost it on integrated organic jobs boards.

When you need a quick surge of applicants, select sponsored national and industry-specific job board posts are available for purchase through Hireology. 

Build Your Brand and Drive Qualified Candidates with a Career Site

A career site is an increasingly important source of hires. By highlighting information applicants care about most – career path, pay stability and work-life balance – you will build greater brand awareness and drive more qualified applicants. 

4x More Quality Applicants

7x More Cost-Effective Than Job Boards

10x Higher Applicant-to-Hire Conversion

Increase Awareness for Open Jobs with Programmatic Advertising

In addition to high-impact employment branding, programmatic advertising can help build broader awareness for your brand and deliver high-quality candidates at a cost effective price. 

With Hirelogy’s Applicant Engine solution, we will help you reach the best candidates across 500+ sources including national job boards, organic search feeds, classified, social media and other niche channels. 

Your budget is managed by a dedicated Applicant Engine program manager who will review hiring goals, open positions and performance every month to ensure you’re getting a strong ROI.

2x More Quality Applicants Than Job Boards

67% Lower Cost per Quality Applicant

Purchase Sponsored Posts Directly from Indeed

Outside of the above proven channels and tactics, if you are impacted by Indeed’s policy change and still want to leverage Indeed as a channel to source applicants, you will need to purchase a sponsored post through their team. Reach out to your Indeed representative directly to discuss. 

For jobs currently open through Hireology, leverage a reference parameter to track the performance of your Indeed post. Take the following steps to set this up: 

  • Copy the unique URL of the job you want to post to Indeed
  • Add the words ?ref=indeed_sponsored to the end of the job URL
  • Add the entire link to your sponsored Indeed post

Read step-by-step directions on how to use reference parameters here. 

Results will show up as “Indeed Sponsored” in Hireology’s Insights where you should evaluate the effectiveness of your spend in terms of quality applicants, hires and broader return on investment from the channel.  

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