The Future of Automotive Hiring 2022

The 2022 Future of Automotive Hiring Report

How to talent shortage created a new set of hiring best practices in the automotive space that will become table stakes in years to come.

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As a result of the post-pandemic hiring crisis, many businesses — auto dealerships included — struggled to remain fully staffed and thus serve their customers at the level they’d like to.

Despite these considerable challenges, there were dealerships that thrived during this time. Those businesses were ones that envisioned what their new ideal auto worker looked like and adjusted their recruiting and hiring practices to capture those candidates.

They turned their backs to outdated processes and refined their approaches and tactics to attract and quickly hire top talent in the volatile labor market. These strategies worked — and they are here to stay.

Hireology received feedback from nearly 200 of our auto dealerships about what they found created the most successful offense against these hiring obstacles. From attraction to retention, we wanted to know what they found drove the best results – and we’re sharing our findings with you

Read our 2022 Future of Automotive Hiring Study to see what your business can do to build your best team.

Key takeaways

  • 81% of dealerships have had a candidate “ghost” an interview in the past six months
  • More than 1 in 4 dealerships say they’ve lost a great candidate because they weren’t able to move fast enough
  • 77% of dealerships have an employee referral program in place
  • 57% of dealerships have increased salary offerings in order to attract more talent

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