NADA Show 2021

The pandemic can’t stop NADA 2021!  The auto event of the year will take place virtually this year, and we’re excited to announce our attendance and can’t wait to connect with you! 
Join thousands of dealers, dealership managers, exhibiting companies, and the world’s leading auto industry representatives virtually at this year’s NADA Show. For three days, award-winning dealer education, franchise meetings, industry networking and the NADA Expo, will deliver non-stop content to help you connect, learn, and build your business from the comfort of your home or dealership.
Hireology will be manning our virtual booth at the NADA Expo, the auto industry’s premier marketplace, where dealers, exhibitors and auto industry partners get business done. We’ll be there to answer your questions, share research on what applicants expect from the hiring process, and show you why 1 in 5 dealerships across the country trust Hireology to deliver on all their hiring needs.
And you could win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro or an Apple Watch  ?  Stop by February 9-11 and schedule a demo to enter! 
Additionally, our CEO and co-founder Adam Robinson will deliver a workshop on February 10 at 1:30 PM EST on the realities of hiring post-COVID. 
The hiring landscape is drastically different than it was only a year ago. Whether you’re ready or not, you need to start planning for all the possibilities that this year may hold, including how you’ll hire your future employees.
Adam will walk you through where your dealership’s priorities should lie when it comes to hiring your best team. He’ll share his predictions for what hiring will look like after the pandemic, why a people-first strategy matters to your dealership, and how to attract individuals from both inside and outside of your industry.
Key highlights from this session will include:

  • What applicants look for in your employment brand
  • Mapping the “ideal path to purchase” to your hiring process
  • The value proposition of your roles and potential for advancement from the perspective of your job seekers
  • How to run an effective onboarding program in a post COVID-19 world, and how this impacts retention

For more information and a detailed description of Adam’s workshop, click here
You can register for NADA 2021 here, and don’t forget to tell your coworkers to sign up too! Pre-show expo access is available beginning February 4th, so register right now to begin exploring the virtual platform. 


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