How Stellar Senior Living Increased Hires by 20% by Moving from a Payroll-Provided ATS to Hireology


Stellar Senior Living is a family-owned and operated senior living facility management company committed to providing an enjoyable retirement experience to seniors. With 35 communities across 9 states, the corporate HR team needed organization-wide insight into the recruiting process — a vital feature that simply wasn’t available with the talent solution provided by their payroll platform. 

Because of their need for more robust recruiting technology, the company chose to move to Hireology in October 2022 and has since experienced greater visibility across locations, a more efficient hiring process, and ultimately more hires. Read on to learn more.

The challenge

Like most healthcare facilities in recent years, Stellar Senior Living was struggling to fill critical positions with quality talent quickly. However, effectively adjusting their processes or investments was a challenge as they had little visibility into what was working and what wasn’t. All of this was exacerbated by the sheer number of roles they had open across the company’s more than 30 facilities. 

At the time, Stellar Senior Living was relying on the in-app applicant tracking system (ATS) provided by their payroll provider to help them facilitate hiring. Originally, Stellar Senior Living was drawn to the idea of having their recruiting and payroll functions within the same platform. But while their payroll provider’s onboarding and payroll functionality ticked all the boxes, the platform’s recruiting module felt like an afterthought. 

The tool offered little flexibility including almost no customization for hiring steps or candidate communications, an inability to transfer candidates between jobs and locations, and no tools for sponsoring jobs on Indeed. At the head of all this, the payroll provider lacked centralized reporting to give the corporate team insight into the overall activities and progress across their communities.

The Hireology solution

In October 2022, Stellar Senior Living recognized the potential of a robust, purpose-built ATS and made the transition to Hireology. Since then, the company has since driven 20% more hires than they did in the previous year. Here’s a closer look at the key Hireology features that have helped Stellar Senior Living get there:

Multi-location business structure

Hireology’s hierarchical structure allows for job templates, message templates, and hiring steps configured at the parent account level to be inherited by all child locations — eliminating the previously time-consuming step of setting up these resources for each location individually. This infrastructure provides a starting framework for each community that hiring teams can customize to fit their specific needs and processes.

“As we grow Hireology enables us to easily add a location and the location will pick up the job templates and hiring steps, unlike our previous ATS which required us to update each location individually, which was time-consuming.”

– Juan Araya | Talent Acquisition Manager | Stellar Senior Living

Robust reporting

Hireology’s built-in analytics and insights functionality, along with custom reporting supplied by the Hireology team, provides the corporate office with weekly updates on the following metrics: 

  • Applicant flow for clinical roles by community 
  • Weekly referrals received
  • Applicant-to-candidate conversion rate
  • Applicant-to-hire ratio 
  • Number of applicants per job 

By tracking these metrics directly within Hireology, the team has a clearer understanding of what works and what doesn’t and can adjust their processes and investments across sourcing channels accordingly.

Payroll integrations

Stellar Senior Living originally leveraged their payroll provider’s ATS because they were attracted to the idea of recruiting and payroll living under one platform. And the good news is they didn’t have to give this up with Hireology. Hireology integrates with several leading payroll and HRIS providers, including the provider Stellar Senior Living was already using, allowing for a seamless transition from candidate to employee for all new hires.

Job distribution

Stellar Senior Living also enjoys Hireology’s robust integrations with top job boards, including Indeed as well as healthcare-specific sites. By instantly distributing new jobs to popular job sites, Hireology automates previously manual work for Stellar Senior Living’s team and ensures that new roles get in front of top job seekers sooner. 

Hireology’s latest Indeed integration enhancement allows Stellar Senior Living to sponsor jobs on Indeed directly from Hireology. This empowers them to reap the benefits of Indeed Sponsored jobs (more candidates, faster hires) while managing spend and tracking ROI from Hireology.

Interview scheduling and candidate communications

And finally, Hireology’s recruitment automation tools like interview scheduling and in-app candidate communications reduce even more manual work for the team, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. With Hireology’s interview scheduler, the company can automatically provide candidates with available interview time slots by syncing with hiring manager calendars. And with candidate texting, they can reach candidates on-the-go without ever leaving Hireology. 

Recent Hireology research found that texting is critical to driving better hiring outcomes. In fact, 55% of healthcare job seekers today say they used their smartphones for the entirety of their most recent job search.

The results

With Hireology, Stellar Senior Living is equipped to quickly fill vacancies resulting from the high turnover that impacts healthcare roles. Additionally, Hireology provides the structure necessary to cover staffing needs as the company continues to expand by as many as seven new communities each year. With nearly 3,000 new hires in 2023 so far and no signs of slowing, Hireology empowers Stellar Senior Living to carry their momentum forward and achieve their hiring goals.

Since signing with Hireology, Stellar Senior Living made 2,939 hires over the course of 12 months — a 20% increase from the previous year

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