Hireology Now Supports Indeed Sponsored Jobs! 

Today we’re excited to bring a new and improved Indeed Sponsored Jobs experience back to Hireology! This full integration will allow users to sponsor jobs on the world’s #1 job site1 directly from the Hireology platform. At the same time, you’ll still be able to maintain the flexibility and predictive analytics you’re accustomed to on Indeed.

At Hireology, our ultimate goal is to help you recruit better quality talent, make hires faster, and drive bottom line impact — and this update is built to do just that. While we already offer the ability to directly distribute your jobs on Indeed organically, sponsorship on Indeed gives your jobs the boost they need to drive even better hiring outcomes. And the ability to facilitate it all without leaving Hireology streamlines the process and reduces headaches for your team.

Here’s a deeper dive into what this integration means for you:

Reach more applicants, make better hires, and manage spend without ever leaving Hireology

Our latest integration with Indeed brings countless benefits to your recruiting and hiring strategy, including:

Increased job visibility

Sponsoring a job post on Indeed through Hireology can increase its visibility and reach a wider audience of job seekers, helping you boost your applicant volume for critical roles. Sponsored Jobs appear more often in search results and do not fall back in search results over time like free listings, resulting in 55% more applicants than non-sponsored jobs2.

Higher-quality applicants

Similarly, Indeed sponsored jobs are more likely to attract quality applicants who are actively searching for jobs. In fact, because Sponsored Jobs reach great candidates sooner, they are 4.5x more likely to result in a hire than non-sponsored jobs3. The ability to seamlessly sponsor jobs without leaving Hireology makes it that much easier to get great candidates into your pipeline and hired fast.

Save time and consolidate systems

By sponsoring jobs on Indeed directly from Hireology, you’ll be able to streamline your processes and manage all your hiring needs directly in one system — ultimately helping you get new jobs on the market sooner and make hires faster. Recent Hireology research found that 61% of job seekers today accept the first offer they receive, making it all the more critical for you to move as fast as possible to get your jobs in front of great talent.

Optimize your spend

With this integration you can set and manage your Sponsored Job budget directly from the Hireology platform. You can track every penny you allocate across channels in the same place, giving you the full transparency and visibility needed to make smart spending decisions.

Get enhanced insights

This integration also gives you performance data and key metrics for your sponsored posts — like the number of applicants and hires. This gives you the power to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts, optimize your strategy over time, and confidently plan future campaigns.

How Indeed Sponsored Jobs + Hireology works

Sponsoring jobs on Indeed within Hireology is easy and intuitive. You simply navigate to an existing job or create a new one, select ‘Sponsorships’ and select Indeed (which will be highlighted as the first option). 

From there you’ll be given prompts to select your order, set your timeframe and budget, and then you can push your job live! Keep it mind that it may take up to 24 hours to be able to sponsor. For more detailed guidance on sponsoring jobs via the Hireology platform, read our knowledge base article here.

As job seekers apply, they’re automatically added to the job in Hireology. You will be able to move candidates through the hiring process even faster via Hireology’s robust candidate tracking and communication tooling. Within Hireology, you can also edit your campaign and quickly view the duration, remaining budget, and number of applicants and hires for each job. 

Hireology is always working to improve our product in response to the challenges of today’s hiring market. Today’s announcement comes at the heels of our release of Indeed Disposition Sync earlier this year. Disposition Sync uses disposition data to better match job seekers to your job postings, improve the quality of applicants driven by Indeed organically, and ultimately helps you fill your open roles with better talent.

Stay tuned for even more exciting product updates to come from Hireology! If you’re not yet a customer, take a quick virtual platform tour today to see what we’re all about. 

 1comScore, Total Visits, April 2023

2Indeed data (US,CA)

3Indeed data (worldwide), Q4 2020



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