Lou Fusz Automotive Trusts Hireology to Deliver on Qualified Candidates


- transforming the hiring process and overall business efficiencies of their dealership with hireology -

Lou Fusz trusts Hireology to deliver on qualified candidates

Lou Fusz Automotive has over 900 staff members across 13 area locations, many of which have been with the organization for over 20 years. Their philosophy is centered around mutual respect, between both employees and customers. 

The automotive group was looking for a solution that made the vetting and hiring process of qualified applicants smoother and simpler, and in 2018, they found that with Hireology. Randy Harman, the Talent Acquisition Director, has seen the difference our software has made in their hiring processes and overall business efficiencies, allowing Lou Fusz to review 14,066 applicants since their Hireology adoption. 

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Centralized Candidate Communication

Overseeing talent acquisition for ten rooftops is no easy feat, but Hireology has made communicating with candidates as quick and easy as possible. Randy can text his applicants to schedule an interview, give them directions, or send interview reminders, all with the touch of a button. 

Not only does this keep candidates engaged, it also can speed up the hiring process by up to eight days. Throughout their time with Hireology, Lou Fusz has sent 4,290 text messages to candidates, speeding up the process exponentially.


“With Hireology we were able to hire more and better people.”

– Randy Harman, Talent Acquisition Director for Lou Fusz Automotive

Straight Forward Skills Testing

Along with other candidate verification options, Hireology provides in-platform skills tests for those applying to open roles before they are invited to interview. These aptitude and skills tests have been especially helpful to Randy and his team because he can immediately see the results of who has passed the skills test, and doesn’t need to waste time with applicants that aren’t the right fit. 

This feature has streamlined their hiring process and allowed them to quickly vet candidates without the time investment that comes from scheduling and conducting interviews. Since adopting Hireology, Lou Fusz on average takes 23 days to hire new employees.

“The product feature that’s had the most impact on Lou Fusz’s hiring process is the skills testing aspect,” said Randy. “With Hireology we were able to hire more and better people.”

Interviewing Guides that Work

Hireology is there for Lou Fusz throughout the entire hiring process, including interview assistance. Randy utilizes our helpful interviewing guides, available in customized versions for the automotive, healthcare, and generalized industries. That way, Randy is always ready and  prepared for his interviews.

Analytics to Master Success

Our system also allows Lou Fusz to track the success of the hiring process with powerful analytics that inform Randy and his team of their strengths and weaknesses. The intuitive platform empowers Lou Fusz to make actionable changes about their people operations. Hireology includes insights on which sources work best for the automotive group, the speed at which they’re reviewing and hiring applicants, and general process adherence.

“I am a huge fan of Hireology and the staff there!” said Randy. Thanks for being a loyal Hireology customer, Randy! 

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