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Hireology provides a one-stop shop for all of their hiring needs

Amy Quimby, the Human Resources Director at Nelson Automotive Group, has seen immense improvement to the company’s hiring process since their adoption of Hireology. 

In their first 14 months on the platform, Nelson Automotive Group has had over 8,000 applicants, 185 phone interviews, and 78 onsite interviews. All-in-all, they’ve been able to hire 190 new employees since being on the platform. 

Here’s how Hireology made their hiring process more effective.

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A User-Friendly, Centralized Process

Amy and her team became familiar with Hireology through online advertisements, and decided to give it a shot. They were looking for a way to centralize their hiring process and make it possible to track the applicant journey from attracting to onboarding. 

“I love how it’s a one-stop shop for all of our hiring needs, including the offer letter, pre-hire checks, etc.” said Amy, who was pleasantly surprised by just how easy Hireology was to use. “The entire process has gotten so much easier.”

With a very small learning curve and a dedicated Customer Success team, they were able to review applicants at an average pace of just under four days.


“I love how it’s a one-stop shop for all of our hiring needs, including the offer letter, pre-hire checks, etc. The entire process has gotten so much easier.”

Amy Quimby, Human Resources Director at Nelson Automotive Group

Content-Rich Career Sites

Nelson Automotive Group used the Hireology platform to revamp their career sites to attract the industry’s top applicants with SEO-friendly best practices and mobile-friendly job applications to drive more application submissions. The average Hireology user sees ten times more hires vs. organic job boards and five times more than sponsored posts, so creating engaging career sites was well worth it to Amy and her team.

Time-Saving Candidate Verification

With in-platform skills tests, reference checks, and background checks, Hireology can shave days off your hiring process. The automated verifications make it so that your hiring managers are dedicating five minutes rather than five hours on compiling reference and background check information. 

“We saved time and money across the board with the candidate verification features,” said Amy. Nelson Automotive Group was able to hire their employees on average in under 19 days, a vast improvement to their previous hire time.

With Hireology, Nelson Automotive Group can continue to hire new employees without worrying about keeping track of multiple manual processes.

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