Great Lakes Hospitality Drives Hiring Efficiency by Partnering With Hireology

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Since cutting back on staff due to COVID-related closures, hospitality groups have struggled to win talent back now that we’re in economic recovery. In a phenomenon known as “revenge travel,” consumers who have been cooped up due to health concerns and mandates are now getting out and traveling again in large numbers. This means hotels need more people on staff to provide these guests with a great experience. The problem is that many of those who left the industry at the onset of the pandemic aren’t coming back — opting to make money via self employment or remote opportunities. It’s been a challenge for hospitality groups to find and quickly hire talent.

Joey Bacall, Owner and Regional Manager of Great Lakes Hospitality Group was feeling this strain in his properties. It was taking his team 30 days or more to hire someone and he had no defined transparent process to hold managers accountable across his properties. He said his team was still printing out resumes and using disparate systems to manually post jobs and track candidates. As a result, he was losing top candidates to competitors who were moving faster.

Plus, once he did bring folks on board, many of these new hires weren’t necessarily the best fit and it was causing a strain on the organization’s training budget. On top of that, making rash hiring decisions was causing tension with his existing, loyal staff members.

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Joey and his team needed a user-friendly platform that allowed him to move faster on great applicants and cut down the time it takes him to complete all aspects of his job — from posting open roles on various job boards to scheduling interviews to keeping track of candidates.

Plus, the GMs on his team are busy, so the last thing they wanted to do was learn how to navigate a complicated tool. They want to be able to move forward quickly when they have an applicant they like using a platform that is easy to use and facilitates a fast hiring process.

That’s why he chose Hireology. Hireology’s all-in-one recruiting and HR platform included all the tools Joey needed to streamline his process in one easy-to-use platform. Joey loved that the tool included integrations with leading job boards, in-app candidate communication, drug screens, applicant tracking, and more. He also was impressed by the outcomes he saw from previous customers, such as the fact that candidate texting on average shaves two days off the hiring process.

Striving for efficiency

Hireology’s partnership with Great Lakes Hospitality Group aims to lighten the load of the hiring team. Many of our tools, like in-app communication and a centralized streamlined process, provide added efficiency, so hiring managers can connect quickly with applicants whether they are in the office or overseeing the property. Moving quickly is no longer a pipe dream for Great Lakes Hospitality Group’s hiring managers; it’s now a reality, allowing them to bring top talent on board faster and keep their open roles filled.

Hireology has also made it easier for the Great Lakes Hospitality team to more easily track individual applicants and identify where they are in the process. Previously, the team ran into issues with folks who kept re-applying after they’d been disqualified. Using Hireology, they’re able to keep current and previous candidates straight — eliminating any confusion and allowing the team to focus their time and efforts on top tier candidates.

Overall, the team has gained immense value from Hireology. At a time when unemployment is low and job seekers have more options at their fingertips than ever before, Joey says he loves the fact that his tools are all in one place, making the hiring process on his team much more efficient, fast, and effective.

Results delivered

With Hireology, Great Lakes Hospitality Group has received over 3,800 applicants across 6 locations. Great Lakes was also able to cut almost 10 days off their average time to hire per applicant. By reaching out to candidates via text messaging, Great Lakes eliminated two days from the time it takes to contact a quality candidate over traditional channels like email or phone calls.


“Payroll is our biggest expense. Making hires out of desperation or sitting on applicants means we are wasting money. With Hireology I have transparency and informed reporting to inform action. We have seen real change since using Hireology.”


— Joey Bacall,  Owner and Regional Manager,   Great Lakes Hospitality Group

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