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What our customers are saying

"As a recruiting manager, I manage interviews across 13 locations. Having one tool to centralize the process and applicant communication is essential, and Hireology allows me to work efficiently and effectively across all of our locations."
Rose Marie Rasmussen
Recruiting Manager |
 Sterling Automotive Group
"We were not shopping for a new ATS or payroll system. Hireology reached out to us and won our business by building a relationship and becoming a trusted advisor. Through respectful outreach and consultative selling, Hireology showed us how we can use technology to better the people side of our business."
Mark Hoefling
Chief Operating Officer |
 American Hospitality Management
"The partnership we have with Hireology has been highly rewarding. The drastic increase in our retention is a tangible realization of how much we have benefitted from working with the whole team."
Randy Harman
Talent Acquisition Manager |
 Lou Fusz Automotive Network
""With Hireology we have a 25% decrease in no-show interviews. Inbox, interview scheduling and interview reminders allows my team to over communicate to candidates which helps them feel more comfortable.""
Jake Gamble
Administrator |
 Generations Home Care
"The customer success team at Hireology routinely takes the time to review applicants live with me. Getting a second set of eyes on my pipeline, in addition to learning techniques to save time, is the kind of customer experience I am looking for as a business owner."
Sam Reed
Owner |
 Alphagraphics- Irving, TX
"I love being part of the CS team at Hireology. It's such a great group of people from all sorts of backgrounds, and we are always coming together to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. But truly the best part of being part of this team is the level of support I get from my peers. Everyone on the team is always ready to jump in and help wherever they can, and they do it happily. There are no dumb questions, and we are always looking for ways to provide better support to our customers."
Andrew Johnson
Customer Success Manager
"I am so lucky to be on a Customer Success and Implementation Team here at Hireology. Our team is so collaborative and truly cares for each customer they launch in Hireology. What drives us to success is the fact that every one of us is ready to help each other. The Implementation team works incredibly hard to dive deeper into how we can continue to improve the customer journey, create consistency in communication, and make our customer's lives easier. I am always inspired to be the best I can be for my team and for our customers."
Emma Fondell
Implementation Manager
"What drives me is to help a customer figure out their hiring process. Seeing how a faster/more streamlined process can really help a business is rewarding!"
Hannah Van Lonkhuyzen
Implementation Manager
"Hireology’s CS team doesn’t just work for the customer, but with the customer. We gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs, and take a team approach in supporting them to accomplish their goals."
Brittany Wolf
Customer Care Specialist
"Hireology is unique because we're more than just software. Our customers look to us for best practices and our thought leadership. Hireology is also unique because we practice what we preach in the workplace; we have opportunities for growth, we do fulfilling work, and we get the flexibility we need to be our best selves outside of the office."
Jessika Rivera
Strategic Customer Success Manager, Automotive

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