Hiring and HR Software Built for Hotels

Reach more job seekers, accelerate hiring, and staff your hotel to provide a five-star guest experience with Hirelogy — the only hiring and HR platform built for multi-location businesses like hotels. Thousands of businesses just like yours use Hireology to:

Connect with more talent

Reach more job seekers and efficiently market your open roles

Get ahead of competitors

Keep top candidates engaged throughout a quick hiring process

Keep guests happy

Fill your open roles with the right talent to provide a better guest experience

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Key platform features

Facilitate a smooth hiring process via our suite of purpose-built hotel staffing solutions

Diversified job distribution

Post your open roles on top job boards, social media sites, and more

Employee referral programs

Connect with your existing teams’ network via word-of-mouth

In-app candidate communication

Text candidates directly from your Hireology account to streamline the hiring process

Payroll, benefits, and HR

Conduct payroll, track time and attendance, and more across all properties

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