Why You Need a Payroll System That Supports Your Dealership

Managing payroll is a critical part of any business’s daily operations. But for dealerships, it can be an arduous and error-prone process. You have a mix of part-time and full-time employees — some of which are paid hourly, others are on salary, and many on are a commission-based pay structure. It’s complicated and requires extensive time and attention to detail to get right.

On top of this, you’re already short-staffed and your HR team is focusing almost all of their time and energy recruiting and hiring in order to staff your dealership to capacity. It can feel almost impossible to find enough time in the day to complete all of these people-management tasks — much less get them right.

That’s where an all-in-one talent management software that’s built specifically for dealerships can help. The right tool brings all of your recruiting, hiring, payroll, and other post-hire tasks into one centralized system — saving you time and reducing the risk of payroll and compliance error. Here’s a closer look:

Reduce administrative time and save money

There’s no doubt that payroll can be extremely time-consuming, especially if it’s a primarily manual process. With a payroll software system that’s built into the tools you’re already using for hiring and managing your team — like your applicant tracking system (ATS) or your dealer management system (DMS) — you’ll save loads of administrative time and money.

Here are some ways to identify if your payroll platform is saving or wasting your time:

  • Is your system’s interface easy to use and will it be easy to train new hires how to use it? 
  • Does your system have a good reputation and good customer service?
  • Do other clients in your industry use it? 
  • Does your system integrate with your other operating systems?
  • Does your system offer employee self-service?

If you answered “no” to any of the above, you should consider looking for a better payroll provider for your business. Hireology offers a full suite of payroll and onboarding tools that integrates directly with leading DMS providers. You can securely sync new hire data as soon an offer is accepted, and set employees up for immediate success with digital tax forms, training videos, and other role-specific material before their first day.

Improve employee retention

Few things impact turnover more than your ability to pay your employees accurately and on a consistent schedule. And a payroll solution that’s built alongside your scheduling and ATS software and integrates directly with your DMS can help you do just that. By eliminating the need to manually jump from system to system to complete payroll, you reduce risk of manual error and tax filing mistakes — earning trust and loyalty from your employees.

Simplify processes

All-in-one payroll systems can also help you simplify many of your daily HR processes. For example, by being built into your hiring platform, any new employee data can flow from your hiring software directly to your payroll for seamless processing and reduced risk of error. Additionally, you’ll be able to manage payments and tax filings automatically and digitize any paper processes, significantly simplifying daily tasks for your HR team.

Ensure compliance

Remaining compliant is one of the biggest challenges associated with payroll. Tax laws and regulations change constantly and if you’re relying on your own knowledge and understanding to remain compliant, you’re setting yourself up for mistakes — many of which can lead to hefty government fines. Your software should be able to ensure state compliance as well as federal and other regulatory requirements so that your business is not at risk and you can breathe easy. 

Ensure accuracy

The more times your HR team has to enter data, the more opportunities they have to make a mistake. Having payroll software that speaks to your other systems reduces errors and makes it so that the job only needs to be done once. Improve the accuracy of your paperwork and give your HR team valuable time back to do their jobs.

As we continue to navigate a really tough hiring market,  the last thing on your mind should be your payroll system slowing you down and putting you at risk for errors. Streamlining your payroll is easier and more valuable than you think. If you’d like to see how Hireology can simplify the payroll processes at your dealership, schedule a demo today.



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