Hireology is the most widely used hiring platform in retail automotive, powering the hiring process for thousands of rooftops. Representing top groups, independently-owned dealerships and OEMs, we help the automotive industry source, hire and retain great talent.

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Reduce the Time-to-Hire by 80%
When it Comes to Hiring, Hireology is 7x More Cost-Effective Than Job Boards

Attract and Hire for Required Technical Roles

An inability to find qualified technicians is adding increased pressure to dealers looking to stay ahead of record-breaking vehicle recalls and telematics troubleshooting. Reach today’s techs and keep your service centers moving customers and driving revenue.

Transform Your Team into Your Competitive

With eroding margins, local competition, and increasing consumer demands, dealers need to staff up with qualified and capable employees like never before. Get a proven process and the resources needed to source, hire and retain top talent for every dealership role.

A DMS for Talent Management

From writing product specialist job descriptions to supporting weekly payroll runs and calculating flag time, dealers are managing multiple talent management processes across systems at any one time. Gain centralized control and visibility to drive greater profitability.

100% Hiring & HR Compliance

Staying compliant with ever-changing state and federal regulations can be an expensive, administrative headache. Drive accountability to follow an impactful, legal hiring process with interview guides, verification tools and automated compliance support.

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