Why an HRIS Alone Can’t Meet All Your Hiring Needs

Many organizations enlist the help of a human resources information system (HRIS) to streamline data on the people side of the business. An HRIS can be used for basic applicant tracking, time & attendance, benefits management, performance management, compensation management, demographic tracking, and more. But when it comes to hiring, tapping into an HRIS alone can have its limitations.
When Hireology first launched several years ago, our platform started out as a simple applicant tracking system (ATS), which is just one of the many components of an HRIS. But based on continuous improvement and addressing customer feedback, we’ve since expanded our offerings significantly and now offer a full-stack recruitment candidate relationship management (CRM) platform. See below for a several ways your team can benefit from partnering with a recruitment CRM platform like Hireology, rather than relying solely on an HRIS for your hiring efforts.

Drive Top Talent to Your Open Roles

While HRIS providers offer basic applicant tracking capabilities, for the most part, they don’t include any features to attract prospective applicants. A recruitment CRM platform includes everything you need to attract top talent – integrated directly into the platform.
Using a recruitment CRM platform, you can ensure your job descriptions are search- and mobile-optimized, so you can reach job seekers where they’re searching for their next opportunity. This is especially important since about 70 percent of job searches begin on Google and other search engines, so if your open roles don’t appear in search results, you’ll miss out on quality applicants.
Further drive qualified job seekers to your open roles with a strong employment brand and career site. A key feature of a recruitment CRM platform like Hireology is integrated career sites. Hireology data found 85 percent of applicants via career sites are considered quality and career sites result in 30 percent of overall hires. A Hireology career site will help you excite candidates by sharing information they care about most – such as an overview of your culture, core values, career paths, pay stability and work-life balance.
Supporting a multichannel recruitment marketing strategy, a recruitment CRM platform also includes integrated job boards and targeted advertisements. Job boards will help you reach a wide range of applicants, but they might not be as engaged as applicants from other channels. To supplement job boards and increase your likelihood of attracting quality applicants, targeted ads enable you to reach qualified talent across a network of local, national, social and organic recruitment marketing channels.

Streamline Your Hiring Efforts

An HRIS might have basic applicant tracking. But this simple tracking can lead to your inbox overflowing with applicants your team needs to manually review – ultimately slowing down the hiring process. On the other hand, a recruitment CRM platform can save your team from a cluttered inbox and streamline many steps of the  hiring process for you.
By partnering with a recruitment CRM platform, your team can avoid sifting through your inbox and wasting time manually reviewing applicants who aren’t a fit for your open roles by using. This is made possible through automated prescreen surveys, which are automatically sent to prospective candidates as soon as they apply. These surveys can include knock-out questions, to help you rest assured knowing only the most qualified candidates move on to the next step in the hiring process.
A recruitment CRM platform also simplifies the interview process for your team. Role-specific interview guides and automated scoring help you complete efficient, objective interviews. And once candidates ace their interviews, your team can streamline the verification process using integrated background and reference checks.

Keep Candidates Engaged

An HRIS is great for managing employees once they’re on board, but doesn’t have many options when it comes to candidate engagement and communication. And candidates get frustrated when they’re left waiting to hear about the next hiring steps – which might even lead to your top candidates considering other job opportunities.

During the hiring process, a recruitment CRM platform can help you keep candidates engaged and excited about joining your team. Integrates text messaging capabilities ensure your team stays in communication with candidates every step of the way. While phone calls might be missed and emails overlooked, Hireology data found that users who leverage our candidate text messaging feature see an average response rate of more than half (56 percent). And hiring managers who tap into text messaging decrease the overall time to hire by an average of 10 days.

Gain Visibility into Your Hiring Process Health

Most HRIS providers include analytics capabilities for post-hire data – such as benefits spending, time & attendance and related data – but offer limited, if any, visibility into hiring process health.
Hireology is the only platform with integrated, easy-to understand analytics that provide clear insight into such questions as: How fast am I hiring? Is everyone following the process? Where are my best candidates coming from? Is my career site driving ROI?
Armed with this data, your team can better understand points of strength and weakness with your recruitment marketing and hiring, and receive actionable next steps for improvement, helping you continue to see value from the recruitment CRM platform while holding your team accountable to following a proven hiring process.
An HRIS is an effective tool to have in place to track employee and other HR-related data post-hire. And a recruitment CRM platform like Hireology isn’t looking to replace an HRIS. Rather, a recruitment CRM platform can easily integrate with your HRIS, transferring new hire data from our platform to begin payroll, onboarding and other key steps for new employees. Learn more about how Hireology can help you transform your recruitment marketing and hiring efforts – see a demo today.



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