What it Takes to Have a Payroll System That Supports Your Healthcare Facility 

Are payroll and HR tasks putting a strain on your facility? Do you or your team spend hours on a manual system and often find errors? Are you constantly re-entering the same information over and over again?

If so, your staff may not feel fairly compensated. Processing payroll and completing HR-related tasks shouldn’t retract from your actual job, and you shouldn’t have to constantly worry about making a costly mistake. With so many options on the market, knowing which product to choose can feel daunting, but we want to make it easier for you.

Here are some things you should look for in your payroll and HR software for your healthcare facility.

Does your payroll system help you stay compliant?

This is one of the most important features your payroll system can have. You and your team have enough things to worry about, and compliance shouldn’t be one of them. With the right payroll system, you can avoid litigation and get peace of mind with always-updated tax forms, alerts when employees are nearing overtime, E-verify support, and FMLA and ACA reporting. Additionally, Hireology’s all-in-one platform allows you to quickly collect employee credentials and other documents during the hiring process to ensure candidates are qualified, all while electronically storing them in the system in case of future audits.

Are others in your industry using the same payroll platform? 

If you haven’t heard about your payroll software from other healthcare agencies, chances are, it doesn’t have the system capabilities needed to run smoothly in your environment. A payroll system should be able to adapt to the constantly changing schedules of your employees, be easy to use and teachable to new employees, and, more generally, make the entire process easier. If it can’t do these things, think about switching to a new software.

Does your payroll software require a lot of manual updates? 

Is your payroll software able to automatically update tax forms, payroll records, and benefits information, or do you have to have a heavy hand in the process? You should be able to step aside and let your payroll platform do the work for you, so if that’s not the case, your system may be making your job harder than it needs to be. 

Does your payroll system go above and beyond with analytics?

Some payroll softwares have the ability to give you detailed information about employee PTO, benefits spend, and time reporting. These may seem like a “nice to have” on your list, but understanding these analytics and taking actionable steps based on the reporting can save your company loads of time and money. These analytics can also make your time-sensitive hiring process go by much faster. 

Does your payroll software have an employee portal? 

The last thing you need is your employees coming to you every time they need their W-2 form, a paystub, or any other personal information. An employee self-service portal gives your staff the ability to take control of their information, view onboarding videos, and see other role-specific training materials, without you or your HR team as the middle man. Enable your staff to take control with a payroll platform that offers an employee portal. 

Does your payroll platform have what it takes?

Ask yourself honestly — is your payroll platform costing you more than it’s helping? If so, you can make the switch to a payroll provider that makes everything from paying out employees to onboarding new hires an absolute breeze. Hireology’s all-in-one platform breaks down system silos to help you get more done with less. To see the difference quality payroll software can have on your healthcare agency, schedule a demo now



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