The 10 Best Payroll Software Providers

When it comes to money, there are plenty of landmines that businesses and owners need to be mindful of so they can avoid incurring serious fees.

Thankfully, payroll service providers can simplify the complexities of payroll so that companies can stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws while accurately paying their employees. Read on to more about payroll providers and the top 10 best payroll software providers on the market.

What is a payroll software provider?

A payroll service provider is a third-party provider that either assumes all or part of payroll aspects for another business. For employers, payroll software ensures that their taxes — and employees! — are paid on time and accurately while saving them time. Payroll providers do more than just save time for companies; payroll software can also help organizations avoid expensive tax penalties by remaining compliant as well. 

But payroll software does more than just calculate payroll. Payroll providers can also:

  • Withhold taxes 
  • Manage wage garnishment
  • Offer tax filing services
  • Automate payroll processing
  • Provide compliance expertise
  • Analyze payroll reports
  • Empower employees to access payroll information

Top 10 best payroll software providers on the market

  1. Hireology’s all-in-one package powered by Netchex
  2. Netchex
  3. RUN powered by ADP
  4. Rippling
  5. Paylocity
  6. Deel
  7. Paycom
  8. Paychex Flex
  9. BambooHR
  10. Justworks

Streamline hiring and payroll

The best payroll software will integrate with leading recruiting, hiring, and onboarding platforms for one seamless HR experience. Instead of manually toggling between different software, your hiring team will be able to send data from one platform to another and pick up right where they left off, all while eliminating errors, saving time, and boosting productivity. The key to finding the best payroll software for you is to look for one that directly integrates with your applicant tracking system of choice for maximum efficiency.


As with most forms of technology, payroll service providers are here to help you. The best payroll software for your company will help your team automate payroll processes to save their time and your company money by avoiding hefty fines for incorrectly filed taxes, all while directly integrating with your preferred applicant tracking system. As a bonus, your employees get the benefit of accurate and on time payroll!

Hireology not only makes recruiting and hiring your best team possible — we also simplify the process for payday. Take a look at our payroll platform in this self-guided tour.



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