Product Update: Mobile-Friendly Job Template Drives 33% More Applicants

In an applicant economy with the unemployment rate at its lowest in 50 years, businesses are facing a continued shortage of skilled talent. To overcome this challenge, Hireology wants to make it easy to build a pipeline of quality applicants as quickly as possible.
Our new basic application form provides a mobile-friendly experience that encourages applicants to submit faster.

Hireology data reveals that adding additional questions to a job application decreases apply rates by 20 percent. Job seekers are less likely to even start an application that is too long.
Additionally, we know that more blue collar candidates are applying to jobs from their mobile phones. On the Hireology platform specifically, 59 percent of job description views are on mobile devices. 
The new, fully-optimized basic application has been redesigned for easy use on mobile devices, and can increase your applicant traffic by 33 percent.

What’s New

We’ve combined the job description and job application pages into a single page, with a collapsed view of the job description.
The new application is limited to four required fields: first name, last name, email address and phone number.
The only attachment option included is for adding a resume.

You have the choice of using our basic application form, which is fully optimized and proven to drive more applications. Or, you can still create your own custom job applications with added questions. Note: Applicants tend to disengage with applications that have more than 7 entry fields.
The new application experience can be added to any newly opened job on the Hireology platform. To apply the basic application to existing jobs that currently use a custom application:

  • Select the open job
  • Go to the Details tab
  • Select Edit Hiring Steps under the More dropdown menu
  • Make sure the Basic Application Form is selected
  • Select Save and Exit

Log in to Hireology now to start using the new application form.

If you’re not a current Hireology customer, get a demo to learn more about how our platform helps businesses attract and convert quality talent.



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