Product Update: Insights Goals Speeds Hiring Velocity

Our new Insights Goals feature enables Hireology users to set a hiring velocity goal based on their industry average or a specific time frame. With Goals, you can help keep your teams accountable to reviewing applicants regularly and ultimately decrease your time to review and time to hire.

Research shows that goal-setting can improve employee performance by 25%. The same is true when it comes to motivating teams to follow a hiring process. When employees have clearly-defined goals and a mechanism for monitoring their progress toward these goals, they are more likely to be successful at adhering to the hiring process.
Goals empowers users to:

  • Drive team accountability with a common goal to strive for
  • Keep track of organization-wide performance
  • Identify how and where to improve the hiring process
  • Speed up time to review and time to hire to win the best talent before competitors

The ability to set and track goals is especially crucial for larger organizations that require insight into how multiple locations are performing.
“Setting and adhering to goals is critical to hiring process success,” says Scott Brinkman, Vice President of Product at Hireology. “During Hireology kick-off calls, our implementation managers, talent coaches and the hiring team on the customer side set actionable goals to hold the team accountable to hiring top talent. During regular customer check-in calls, Hireology reviews these  goals with customers to measure hiring process efficiency. Up until this point, goal setting was a manual process. We created this feature for our customers and our talent coaches to feel empowered to track their progress toward reviewing and hiring top talent before the competition.”
How it Works
Users with administrator permissions can set monthly goals for applicants reviewed, time to review and time to hire for their locations. Once a goal is set, other users within the organization can view the established goal for their locations. Only administrators are able to edit goals.
Progress toward your hiring velocity goal is then measured on a rolling 30-day period. Soon, Insights reports will allow you to see if your goals are on track or off track.
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After a goal is met, you can set a new goal to continue incentivizing team members to hire faster and more efficiently.
Start setting hiring velocity goals today to decrease your organization’s time to hire and win the best talent before competitors. Log in to Hireology and navigate to Insights.
If you’re not a current Hireology customer, get a demo to learn more about Insights.



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