Product Update: Industry Benchmarks Make Insights More Accurate

Insights – Hireology’s analytics platform –just received an update to make our benchmarks even more accurate.

Industry benchmarks make it easy to measure and compare aspects of your hiring process to other businesses like yours to see how you stack against the competition. Before today, Insights measured benchmarks comparing your hiring process to all other Hireology customers. Retail automotive calculated benchmarks using average activity across all dealerships, and all other businesses were measured using our SMB benchmark.
This week’s update makes these benchmarks much more relevant to our customers.

These updates will help us more accurately benchmark your organization’s performance compared to businesses most like yours. The metrics impacted will be:

  • Applicants reviewed
  • Time to review
  • Time spent in each hiring step
  • Time to hire

As we get more data for the missing states and verticals, they will automatically be included. We base our benchmarks on Hireology data once we reach a minimum of 30 locations across states or verticals. Insights benchmarks are also updated every 30 days to give you a more accurate view of your performance compared to the competition.
If you’re a Hireology administrator, you can login and access your new benchmarks now.
Not using Hireology yet? Learn more about Insights and get a demo.



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