Offer Letters: A Game Changer For Cavender Auto Family

Hireology recently launched a product update that allows our customers to manage offer letters inside our platform. This feature allows for a fully customizable experience with personalization tokens and an option for an eSignature field, making your entire hiring process — from attracting applicants to onboarding new employees — all the more seamless.

Cavender Auto Family, a Hireology customer, spoke with us about how the offer letter feature has impacted their hiring process.

“We absolutely love [the offer letters feature],” said Theresa Palan, Recruiting Manager at Cavender Auto Family. “It just makes our recruiting process more streamlined and efficient.” Theresa shared that her team is spread out and currently working remotely, so the ability to send and receive a signed offer letter makes the process much easier. 

“We absolutely love [the offer letters feature]. It just makes our recruiting process more streamlined and efficient.”

Theresa Palan, Recruiting Manager at Cavender Auto Family

The offer letter setup is very straightforward, and personalizing each offer letter to specific roles alleviates the Cavender team of time-consuming and redundant work. They are able to create and save their own templates for roles they consistently hire for, like technicians, and personalization tokens pull compensation specifications in automatically. 

Theresa also shared that having the offer letter step within the Hireology platform allows new hires to start much quicker, because as soon as the letter is signed, background checks can commence. Anyone on the hiring team can see the status of the offer letter, so it keeps everyone informed on where the candidate is at in the process. 

For Theresa and her team, being able to quickly issue an offer letter to candidates shows them that they’re excited about them joining the team and want to move them along quickly. “We want them to know we’re serious and want them to be part of our team,” said Theresa. It’s one of the many ways the Cavender Auto Family team works to attract applicants to their dealership. 

Hireology’s offer letter feature is also mobile-friendly, meaning Cavender Auto Family candidates can accept and sign their offer letters from anywhere. And once the letter is signed, the Cavender team can see the status update immediately. 

At Hireology, we strive to make hiring your best team as quick and easy as possible. Hiring new employees is an exciting venture for every company, so don’t let inefficient processes bog down your people operations team. With frequent product updates, a standalone customer support team, and software that integrates with your payroll and onboarding platforms, Hireology can help smooth out hiring kinks and help you hire up to eight days faster. See the difference that Hireology can make in your hiring process by scheduling a demo now.



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