New Resource: The Ideal Candidate Experience Infographic

Given the historically-low unemployment rate, there are more open roles in the U.S. than available qualified talent to fill them. Is your team doing everything you can to support an engaging candidate experience in today’s applicant-driven economy? 
Your team needs to take a proactive approach to recruitment and hiring – from the moment job seekers see your job descriptions or career site until an offer letter is signed and onboarding kicks off. If your candidate experience is less than ideal, top talent won’t hesitate to lose interest in your open roles and pursue job opportunities elsewhere. 
One way to keep candidates engaged and excited about joining your team every step of the way is by leveraging technology to simplify your hiring. The right recruitment and hiring technology can help you more effectively attract qualified job seekers, streamline steps throughout the hiring process – including screening candidates, coordinating interviews, communicating with candidates and running background and reference checks – and jump start onboarding before the first day. 
To illustrate what an ideal candidate experience looks like in comparison to a clunky, frustrating candidate experience, we’ve pulled together the infographic below. By following the steps of an ideal candidate experience, you can boost candidate engagement and fill your open roles sooner, driving productivity and profitability at your organization. 
See the full infographic below. For more information on how Hireology can help you leverage technology to simplify your hiring, see a demo today.



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