NADA 2024: Accelerate Hiring with Hireology’s Mobile App

The people who know your open roles best are the ones working in them, day in and day out. This often makes them a great choice to include during your hiring process but there’s one problem: they’re not waiting around all day for applications.

These employees are doing what they do best — selling and fixing cars. But if your dealership doesn’t have a way to keep them on top of new application submissions or easily notify them when candidates reply to their communication, you’re missing out on top talent. 

The Hireology mobile app is designed to change that and help dealers like you hire better talent faster. Created to make hiring easy for your hiring managers on the floor, in the garage, or on-the-go, your hiring team can now review candidates, communicate with top applicants and make hires anywhere they are. Read on to learn more about how you can empower your dealership to make smart hiring decisions on the go.

How will using the Hireology mobile app improve my hiring process?

Having the ability to access the Hireology platform on your mobile device means you can take your organization’s hiring process wherever you have a signal. Discover how the Hireology platform can empower your dealership to quickly identify top talent and keep your hiring process running smoothly — no matter where your job takes you at the dealership.

Keep your hiring process moving fast

Technician talent is hard enough to come by these days, so when qualified candidates enter the job market they aren’t there for long. For dealers who rely solely on managing their hiring operations from behind a computer screen, this traditional hiring method increases their likelihood of missing top candidates. As these highly desired workers leave the job market, they don’t often notify other recruiters — which has a part in the prevalence of candidates dropping out of the hiring process with no warning, otherwise commonly known as ghosting.

Hireology data found that 51% of job seekers in the automotive industry have admitted to ghosting an employer they applied to or were interviewing with, with over a third stating it was due to the recruiter not getting back to their application fast enough. By maintaining easy-to-use access to your hiring platform, you can keep your dealership’s hiring process moving smoothly no matter where you’re at on the lot. Just because you’ve stepped away from your desk doesn’t mean that your competitors will wait to contact them. Customizable alerts and push notifications from the Hireology app allow you to act quickly when you receive a new application so you can gain a competitive hiring edge during this ongoing automotive technical shortage.

Stay in touch with candidates from anywhere

The people who know the most about the roles your dealership really needs to hire for aren’t always at a desk or behind a computer — but they probably have their phone on their person. Your lead salesperson might be focused on hitting this month’s quota but you really want them to have a part in making your next hire. By using the Hireology mobile app, they’ll be able to receive mobile notifications and communicate with candidates via in-app calls and messaging via email and/or text. That means that your hiring can go anywhere your decision makers go since your hiring managers can now stay in touch with candidates nearly everywhere.

Another perk of using the Hireology mobile app? All of your candidate communications are kept in one convenient location on their mobile device. Now, your team doesn’t have to worry about potentially missing a message from a candidate they really had their eye on just because it got buried in their inbox or they didn’t receive a notification. Instead of monitoring multiple apps for recruitment, your hiring team can easily — and quickly — reach out to top talent through every step of the recruiting and hiring process.

Capture more than your fair share of talent

With the Hireology mobile app comes the ability to hire virtually anywhere. When your dealership can make hires instantly from your smartphone, you automatically have a leg up on your competitors vying for the same limited talent pool. Zippia data shows that Americans check their phones an average of 96 times per day, so you can use this to your advantage in the race to hire great technicians by customizing push notifications to be sent when applications are received or candidates reply to your communications.

You can also use the Hireology app to keep communication in sync with other hiring managers. For dealer groups with multiple rooftops, this means you gain instant insight to hiring processes across all of your locations with a simple log-in on your mobile device. Whether you want to leave notes on a candidate profile or see further details on a candidate’s application status, you can at a moment’s notice — allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest from your hiring managers while you’re on the go.

Learn more about mobile hiring capabilities at NADA!

With the Hireology mobile app, your dealership will be able to realize better hiring results faster. Our mobile app makes it not only easier to review and communicate with candidates on the go, but also helps you collaborate with your hiring team no matter what rooftop they’re at. Find out more at NADA by booking time to talk!



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