Mandating Vaccines? How Hireology’s Document Collection Feature Can Reduce Administrative Work

Last month, President Biden announced a new mandate requiring anyone working at a company with more than 100 employees to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The President also signed orders mandating the vaccine for most federal employees and contractors along with most health care workers across the country.

This mandate covers about two-thirds of all workers in the United States, so chances are it applies to your organization. If so, it’s important to put a plan in place for how you’ll gather and keep track of this documentation. It might seem straightforward, but if you’re hiring for multiple roles at once and you’ve never had to collect this type of documentation before, it can get unorganized — fast. You might forget to collect it for everyone, lose documentation in your inbox, or waste time trying to keep track of it all.

Last year at Hireology we launched an integrated document collection feature to automate collecting critical documents in a mobile-friendly format that’s simple for candidates to use. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that are mandating vaccine requirements. You can use it to automate document collection and ultimately speed up the hiring process while concentrating on providing a top-notch candidate experience.
Here’s a closer look at what the feature can help you do:

Automate the document collection process

For any open jobs you have within Hireology, you can determine which documents you want to require from candidates — including vaccination records. The app will then automatically ask anyone moved to the candidate stage for the role to submit those documents. Once you set these rules, you’ll never have to manually ask candidates or collect the documentation yourself again.

Allow candidates to securely upload documents

From the candidate’s perspective, they’ll receive an email that prompts them to create an account where they’ll be able to see every document you need from them. They’ll then be able to easily upload the documentation required. What’s great about Hireology is that this is a mobile-friendly experience. Most candidates today complete much of the hiring process on their phones. On top of that, almost everyone who does have a vaccine card has it documented on their phones only. With a great mobile experience, candidates can easily keep the process moving without having to switch devices or spend too much time.

Centralize document collection and management

Once candidates start uploading documents, you will be able to access the documents directly from Hireology. That way, you can track what each candidate has submitted at a glance, which is really helpful when you’re hiring for dozens of roles at once. Plus, it takes everything out of email, reducing the risk of losing documents or accidentally leaking sensitive information.

Speed up hiring

By automating and streamlining document collection, you’ll be able to speed up the entire hiring process. And this is critical at a time when hiring is harder than ever. Top candidates today are hired fast — in fact, a recent hireology study found that 43% of job seekers today were able to complete the entire hiring process in less than two weeks. So if you’re wasting time on manual processes, you’re missing out on talent that is able to get through the process much more quickly elsewhere.

What’s more, Hireology’s document collection is integrated into our onboarding and post-hire suite so that you can better manage the entire candidate lifecycle from one central location. All of your tasks throughout the entire hiring process are located within the same platform, making it really easy for you to move quickly on the candidates you’re most excited about.

Collecting documentation for the vaccine mandate doesn’t have to add tedious manual tasks to your already busy schedule. Learn how Hireology can help by scheduling a free demo today. 



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