Hireology Joins Forces with the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

Today we’re excited to share that we’ve joined forces with the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA). This partnership means that Hireology is named the trusted provider of hiring solutions for the organization’s members — nearly 600 material handling companies like forklift dealers, storage and handling businesses and systems integrators.

Hireology has worked with companies in the transportation and equipment space for more than a decade. We’re experts in helping customers in these industries hire the right people for their open roles, which can sometimes be difficult to fill. Our platform includes applicant sourcing, tracking and communication features to help customers attract, engage with and hire talent fast.

And recently, we added in-app federal criminal background checks, DOT-HHS mirror drug screens and 9-panel drug screens to give our customers even more peace of mind regarding their hiring decisions. Many of the roles in this industry come with the responsibility of operating heavy equipment or other vehicles, so we know that it’s all the more important to make sure you’re bringing on people who are truly equipped to perform the duties safely.

“Hireology is uniquely positioned to help material handling companies solve the hiring challenges they’re facing today,” said Mike McSherry, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Hireology. “We know what it takes to attract and hire great talent in this space and we’re looking forward to helping even more businesses build their best team through our partnership with MHEDA.”

MHEDA has helped material handling companies stay competitive and connected for over 65 years. They provide members with business resources, leadership training, networking opportunities, benchmarking data, career development tools and insights on the latest industry trends. By partnering with Hireology, MHEDA has taken another important step in setting their members up for success at a time when hiring is harder than ever.

“MHEDA is thrilled to partner with Hireology to help members with their recruitment challenges.  Never has it been more important to position an organization effectively when the competition is so fierce to find new talent. Hireology can help with job postings as well as optimizing members’ career websites, a critical need in today’s marketplace,” said Liz Richards, CEO of MHEDA.

More information about MHEDA’s partnership program can be found here. As always, check back on our blog to learn about updates to our platform that can help you recruit and hire talent during today’s hiring crisis. Not a Hireology customer yet? Sign up for a demo today.



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