Hireology Earns New Fall 2022 G2 Badges

Last week, G2, the world’s largest peer-to-peer software review site, announced new badges for Fall 2022.

Thanks to the support of our customers, we’re excited to announce that Hireology received 61 new badges! Of those 61, we were named leaders in 24 categories, including: background checks, job description management, HR analytics, employee referrals, recruitment marketing, and more. We were also ranked #1 in 10 reports, rose to #9 out of 476 in the ATS category, and were overall in the top 1% of Applicant Tracking Systems rankings on G2.

We’re not done yet — at Hireology, we’re constantly enhancing our all-in-one hiring and HR platform so our customers can continue to get the most value from their subscription while the hiring market starts to cool down. As part of this commitment, we’ve updated our integration with SkillSurvey SMS so our customers can collect feedback from references via text messages even faster than ever before and enhanced Hireology Referrals to integrate with virtually every HRIS and payroll provider on the market to make gathering referrals that much easier.

“[Hireology is] our agency’s all-in-one stop for quick and convenient recruiting,” remarked one G2 reviewer. “For a business as busy and fast-paced as senior care, Hireology’s extensive user interface has brought about the highest level of productivity our company has ever been! Just the ease of having all our job posts accessible and editable in one place while being able to post on several popular job boards all at once is monumental. The website is designed so neatly as well that, after just a few minutes, you’d swear you could recruit in your sleep! It’s a real game changer!”

Our commitment to our customers and our dedication to constantly improving and building upon what we know works is what we believe has led us to earn these badges. Another G2 reviewer said it best when they wrote, “They keep up with trends in the workplace and take the initiative to find out what can work best for you and your industry. Hireology is not only trying to help you get through the day, but set you up for long term success.”

Here’s the highlights from our fall 2022 G2 rankings:

Leader (Grid Report)

  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Mid-Market Applicant Tracking System
  • Small Business Applicant Tracking System
  • Background Check
  • Mid-Market Background Check
  • Candidate Relationship Management
  • Drug Testing
  • Mid-Market Drug Testing
  • Employee Referral
  • HR Analytics
  • Small Business Job Description Management
  • Onboarding
  • Mid-Market Onboarding
  • Onboarding Momentum
  • Recruiting Automation
  • Mid-Market Recruiting Automation
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Recruitment Platforms
  • Reference Check
  • Mid-Market Reference Check
  • Time Tracking
  • Workforce Management
  • Mid-Market Workforce Management
  • Workforce Management Momentum Leader

High performer (Grid reports)

  • Enterprise Applicant Tracking System
  • Enterprise Background Check
  • Small Business Background Check
  • Benefits Administration
  • Mid-Market Benefits Administration
  • Mid-Market HR Analytics
  • Enterprise Job Description Management
  • Job Description Management
  • Mid-Market Job Description Management
  • Enterprise Onboarding
  • Small Business Recruiting Automation
  • Enterprise Recruitment Marketing
  • Mid-Market Time Tracking
  • Small Business Workforce Management

We love engaging with our customers on G2 and seeing what we can do to better serve them. If you’re an existing Hireology customer and enjoy our platform, we’d like to hear from you in a review! If you’re not a customer yet, connect with us today to see how Hireology can help you.



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