Hireology 2019 Year in Review: See What We Delivered

This year, Hireology customers have hired more qualified employees than ever before, all while improving candidate engagement and reducing time to hire. As the end of the year approaches, we wanted to share an overview of how Hireology customers made the most of our platform throughout the year, and the latest updates we rolled out across the platform.
We’re excited to continuously help customers build a pipeline of qualified candidates, manage the hiring process and streamline post-hire HR efforts. In 2019, Hireology customers have seen great success with hiring, including the following key metrics:

2019 Hireology

Customer Success Metrics

Even with record-low unemployment, Hireology customers hired more qualified employees than ever before while improving candidate engagement while making hires faster.

How Our Customers Spent 2019

They received

4,925,714 applicants

This is more than the total population of



were considered quality applicants

This is more than the total number of employees at Walmart, the largest employer in the U.S.

Hireology users completed

2,630,290 interviews

The average Hireology user completed 235 interviews in 2019, meaning they had qualified candidates interested in interviews almost every business day of the year

Users made about

100,000 hires

About the number of employees at


Hiring managers sent


text messages

Texting can speed up the time to hire by 8 days!

Hireology customers decreased time to hire to

25 days

The average employer takes 42 days to hire, meaning Hireology customers are securing top talent almost twice as fast!.

2019 Product Updates
We continuously identify new ways to help our customers attract, hire and connect top talent. On the product side of the business, we made several updates to the Hireology platform in 2019, including the following:

Career Site ROI Insight

One of the latest enhancements to our Insights solution is a career site ROI table. This table shows Hireology the following data about the performance of their career sites: Subscription cost, number of applicants, number of quality applicants, cost per quality applicant.

The career site ROI data is calculated based on the number of quality applicants received from a customer’s career site and is only available for users who have Insights access to see:
If only an individual location has a career site, data in the table will only reflect that location. If a group of locations share a career site, data in the table will be an aggregation of all the locations.
A career site is the best investment you can make in your recruitment efforts, driving as much as 50 percent of all hires and serving as a more effective investment than using job boards alone. Now you can review the return on this investment directly from the Hireology platform.

Hiring Overview Insight

Another update to our Insights solution is the hiring overview table, which shows recruitment marketing results including total hires, average time to hire and hires by source.
Hireology helps organizations attract and hire the best candidates, and improving your overall hiring efforts starts by having visibility into how many hires you’re making and what channels are positively driving your hiring. This hiring data is calculated based on the selected time range and is available to users who have access to Insights.

Mobile-Friendly Insights

Hireology users who regularly tap into Insights to monitor and optimize their recruitment strategy review 14 percent more applicants and ultimately save five days on total time to hire.
A 2019 update to Insights makes the solution even easier for your team to leverage, with new mobile-friendly capabilities. Updates to Insights on mobile devices include the:

  • Hiring overview page and sub-navigation menu
  • Time period date picker
  • Process adherence page
  • Sourcing page

Mass SMS and Dynamic Fields

Our new mass SMS feature in selection manager enables customers to send text messages to multiple candidates at the same time. Text messages can also be customized using dynamic fields to personalize names, specific roles and other information.

One-Click Apply

Our new Jobcase one-click apply feature can drive 2x more applicants into customers’ recruitment pipeline by making job applications easier for candidates to submit.

Mobile-Friendly Basic Application 

Hireology data found that adding additional questions to a job application decreases apply rates by 20 percent. Additionally, an increasing number of job applicants are researching and applying to open roles via their mobile devices.
To overcome this challenge, we released a mobile-friendly, basic application that encourages applicants to submit faster and can increase applicant traffic by 33 percent. With this update, the job description and job application pages have been condensed into one page. Additionally, the new application only includes four required fields – first name, last name, email address and phone number – with an option to attach a resume.
Customers now have the option to either use this mobile-friendly, basic application or create custom applications with additional questions.

New Background Check Option: 4-Panel Drug Testing

Hireology customers now have the option to run a new standalone 4-panel drug test. This drug test option is intended for customers who require more flexibility in their drug screening processes. This includes customers who are located in states where marijuana is legal or where pre-employment marijuana testing is banned. The 4-panel drug test tests for everything included in the 5-panel drug screen except for marijuana (THC): amphetamines, cocaine, opiates and PCP.

The Latest Integration Partnerships

We’re always eager to partner with best-in-class technology providers that can help our customers improve how they source, hire and manage talent. In 2019, we’ve had the opportunity to build relationships with several industry leaders.


ClearCare is the leading web-based and mobile operating platform for home care agencies. The Hireology and ClearCare partnership streamlines recruitment marketing and hiring for home care agencies and automatically transfers new hire data from Hireology to ClearCare for improved visibility throughout the hiring funnel.
Once a caregiver is hired through Hireology, data is securely sent to ClearCare where they can receive open shift opportunities, reducing scheduling time by 80 percent. These efficiencies can improve both hiring velocity and agency ratings with satisfied caregivers and clients.


AxisCare is a leading provider of home care scheduling, billing and management software. Hireology and AxisCare have integrated core platforms to help home care agencies attract and hire quality caregivers and seamlessly transfer new hire data from Hireology to AxisCare for scheduling.

Google for Jobs

Up to 70 percent of job searches begin on Google, meaning it’s critical for employers to ensure open roles are reaching candidates on both Google for Jobs and in general Google search results. Our integration with Google for Jobs gives our customers’ jobs more visibility in Google search results, generates a higher click-to-apply compared to job boards, and can ultimately drive more applicants.


Hireology now partners with Paylocity to help businesses automate and streamline their onboarding process. Paylocity is one of the leading payroll and human capital management systems, helping businesses improve employee management. Key capabilities of the partnership include: seamlessly transfer new hire data from Hireology to Paylocity and gain easier access to new hire information.

The Predictive Index

We launched an integration partnership for customers who currently use The Predictive Index (PI), a talent optimization company that has provided workforce assessment tools for more than 60 years. PI helps businesses understand the learning capacity, motivations and other indicators of their candidates in order to ensure candidate job fit.
This partnership is a two-way integration, enabling users to see when behavioral and cognitive assessments have been completed, and view the results directly from Hireology.

Elevate 2019

In addition to our product updates, in September we hosted our third annual Elevate conference, the only people strategy summit for retail automotive. The event brought together retail automotive HR leaders, General Managers and Dealer Principals from across the country for the opportunity to connect, collaborate and champion the people side of their dealerships.
Leveraging a provided people strategy playbook developed exclusively for the event, attendees worked together to discuss key trends and challenges in retail automotive hiring, and opportunities to turn their people into a source of competitive advantage in 2020 and beyond.
Elevate 2019 also featured several expert speakers from both inside and outside the retail automotive industry, including a keynote session from newly-appointed AutoNation CEO and President, Cheryl Miller. Other featured speakers included Tamara Darvish, President, U.S. Operations at Auto Canada and Denise Bindelglass, Chief Human Resources Officer at ActiveCampaign.
Our team is always eager to work on the latest updates to the Hireology platform, and we continuously take customer feedback and industry trends into account as we improve our offerings. We look forward to another great year helping our customers attract top talent, hire qualified employees and seamlessly connect new hires with their HR systems in 2020.Congratulations to all Hireology customers on an incredible year! We’re excited to empower our customers to drive continued hiring success in 2019 and beyond.
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