Customer Connect 2022 Recap

Last week, we held our first  Customer Connect of 2022 where a small group of Hireology customers from a range of industries – from automotive to healthcare – joined us to hear about new product releases, discuss current hiring challenges, and provide valuable feedback on how to optimize our platform for users.

The agenda for this event included a presentation on how to create job descriptions with SEO best practices in mind, as well as a brief demonstration of our newest product releases. In separate breakout sessions, several of our customer success team members led small group sessions for customers to gather feedback on how today’s hiring challenges are impacting hiring and brainstorm solutions.

As one customer put it, “I welcome events like this where we can discuss with other customers our/their successes, and share/gain ideas from one another. It’s nice to have a diverse group of businesses as well.”

Read on to learn more about key product releases discussed during our virtual Customer Connect, along with common trends reported from the participating customers across verticals:

Key product features highlighted

  • Interview scheduling: One of our most requested features from customers, interview scheduling, has officially launched on the Hireology platform! Now, customers can save time by having applicants schedule their interviews during predetermined availability set by the hiring team within Hireology. This eliminates the hassle-filled process of manually coordinating an interview between the applicant and the hiring manager, while keeping all of the information in Hireology’s platform.
  • EmployUs: With employee referrals driving nearly one out of every eight new employees for Hireology customers, this recruitment strategy is still the top source of new hires. Most businesses know this and have something akin to an employee referral program in place, but there is always room for some improvement — whether that be by redesigning the program or through implementation strategies. Through the Hireology and EmployUs platform, you can send email and text campaigns directly to existing employees — all in place. 

Common themes discussed across verticals

  • Hiring speed: You have to strike when the iron is hot — in sales and when hiring. Customers reported that if they did not keep candidates engaged throughout the process, or even worse, had an extended interview process, they were less likely to make a hire. Common solutions that were offered included speeding up the hiring process, setting deadlines to follow up with the candidate, and treating the hiring process like a game by seeing how quickly you can reach out to applicants knowing that they’re shopping around for employers. Some businesses use the texting feature on EmployUs to follow up with candidates after interviews and have found great success with this strategy.
  • Use SEO best practices for job descriptions: A key topic of discussion were SEO best practices, as the majority of job seekers today turn to Google when searching for employment opportunities. Hireology CS leaders elaborated on a formula for SEO results,which includes short and simple job titles, clear descriptions of benefits, and ending the description with an EEO. These key changes will make a significant difference in hiring metrics if followed correctly.
  • Connect with QR: QR codes are growing in popularity; by adding one to your career site, people can easily scan the code to apply or share. There was a lot of excitement surrounding the implementation of QR codes, along with the restructuring of traditional job posts to grab the attention of the modern job seeker.
  • Supplement hiring with in-person recruitment: Several customers reported “really upping” their involvement with local high schools and technical schools. Simple activities like participating in job fairs or speaking opportunities have the dual benefit of fostering in-person relationships with candidates and getting more involved in local communities in real life. After the last few socially-isolated years, this is a great opportunity to give back to local communities while getting your business’s brand out there.

Hireology’s Customer Connect is the perfect space to think beyond your typical day-to-day and stay up to date with the latest HR and recruiting software products while offering feedback to the developers in real time. Many of the participants said their favorite part of the event was the opportunity to take what they learned from business leaders in other industries to share with their teams, while also making connections with other employers. 

We’re so excited to be able to host these Customer Connect events again and hope that we will be able to host them in-person in the future. If you’re interested in participating in our next one, check your email or the blog for updates on upcoming events. By joining our Customer Connect advocacy program, you’ll receive early access to new features, share your feedback directly with Hireology staff, participate in upcoming beta programs, and so much more!



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