5 Security Features to Look for in an ATS

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is critical to the success of any organization looking to hire quality talent faster. ATSes help you manage and track large amounts of candidate data so you can confidently and quickly make great hiring decisions. 

However, the nature of candidate data is highly sensitive. For each candidate in your system, you likely have their address, contact information, work history, and communication history all on file — making this database a prime target for cyber threats. And for your business, data leaks can be detrimental, potentially leading to long-term legal issues. 

This is why robust data protection measures, such as encryption and multi-factor authentication, are so critical. You want to do everything you can to protect this data to not only avoid legal issues for your business down the line but also maintain a level of trust with your talent database.

Here are five security features to look for when researching your next ATS purchase:

Data encryption

Look for platforms that encrypt data, which means translating the data into another form or code so that it’s unreadable to anyone but authorized users who have access to the key. At Hireology, we encrypt all communications using SSL (TLS 1.2) to secure your data.

Strong password enforcement

The stronger your password, the harder it is for bad actors to use software to unlock your account. Strong passwords often include a mix of capitalized and non-capitalized letters, numbers, and symbols. Look for ATSes, like Hireology, that enforce the use of strong and secure passwords for all accounts and mandate increased account verification procedures

Secure sign-on and authentication methods

Even with strong passwords, bad actors can still hack accounts with enough effort. In addition to strong password enforcement, your ATS should include multi-factor authentication, which requires you to provide more information than your password alone. This can be an assigned personal identification number (PIN), a code sent to your email or mobile phone, or a fingerprint or voiceprint. 

Secure ATSes will also offer single sign-on (SSO), which allows users to log in using their existing social media accounts, such as Google or Apple, or company credentials instead of creating a separate username and password. This offers a simplified user experience and enhanced security. 

Hireology now offers both MFA and SSO for added security. Read more here.

Breach incident plan

It’s also important to ask about the incident plans within the ATS companies you’re interested in. What is their policy and procedure In the event of a breach? A lack of process to quickly and effectively respond and mitigate any potential damage is a red flag.

Compliance with local or federal privacy laws

And finally, it’s crucial that your ATS doesn’t inadvertently violate any local or federal privacy regulations. The consequences for non-compliance with privacy laws can be widespread, including fines, legal repercussions, and damage to your reputation.

Look for ATSes with a documented privacy policy that outlines the types of data collected during the application process, its intended use, and clarifies how candidates can access, modify, or delete their information. Take a look at Hireology’s privacy policy here.

At Hireology, we’re committed to protecting your candidate data. We have a robust set of security measures in place designed to give you confidence in the security of your candidates’ sensitive information. When you’re less worried about data security, you can spend more time focusing on hiring great talent fast.

To learn more about Hireology’s secure applicant tracking system, schedule a demo with our team today! 



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