5 Features Included in Hireology’s Post-Hire Employee Management Suite

Hireology has always been a leader in providing tools for enhancing your recruiting and hiring efforts. You can post your open roles on a variety of channels, power a great employee referral program, execute an efficient hiring process, and much more — all from our intuitive platform. But as you know, great people management does not end once the hire is made.

In fact, that’s only the beginning. You then have to get this new hire onboarded and integrated into your team. At the same time, you need to transfer all of their data into several different systems you use to run payroll and benefits, scheduling, and more. This is where things can get time-consuming, disjointed, and prone to errors — leaving both your new employees and HR team frustrated. 

Hireology’s suite of post-hire payroll and HR tools are designed to alleviate these frustrations. With Hireology, candidate information lives within the same system as your payroll and all other post-hire tools — eliminating the need to manually enter new employee data, which wastes time and leads to costly mistakes. Here is a closer look at the key features integrated into Hireology’s post-hire suite:

Digital onboarding

Studies show that great onboarding is directly linked to better retention. In fact, in one survey 69% of employees who said they experienced great onboarding were planning to stay at that company for at least three years. But for many organizations today, the onboarding process is still less-than-ideal. Too often, much of the work is manual and impersonal — primarily involving completing tax forms and selecting benefits in-person on day one.

With Hireology you can seamlessly collect certification materials, immunization records, proof of insurance, and other materials digitally before the employee arrives (or logs in) for their first day. New hires can also electronically sign tax forms, employment verification, and handbooks. Ultimately, this reduces the risk of human error and leaves room in that first week for more important tasks like training and relationship building. 


Payroll is critical to your business operations. Afterall, you need to accurately pay your employees for their work on time each pay period. But when payroll is disjointed from the rest of your HR systems (think: your hiring platform or scheduling tool), it’s far too easy to make mistakes like paying for the wrong number of hours or incorrectly classifying new employees.

With Hireology, you can manage payments and tax filings automatically while reducing errors and saving time with one user-friendly platform. Conduct advanced payroll runs to support same-day pay, flag time, sales commissions, and more. Plus, new hire information is already in your system, eliminating the risk of re-keying errors that can lead to angry employees and fines down the line.

Benefits administration

Much like payroll, benefits administration is a manual task that is rarely enjoyable for anyone involved — HR folks and employees alike. Employees feel they are out of control and you’re left acting as the middleman between your new hires and the carrier. 

But with Hireology, benefits are integrated into our post-hire suite alongside payroll. Employees can log in on their end and enroll, manage their coverage, and communicate directly with carriers. And like with payroll, your team can manage benefits administration from the same system you run your recruiting and hiring process — making it really easy to transfer any necessary new hire information. Additionally, with the Netchex mobile app, employees can elect into benefits whether they have access to a desktop PC or their smartphone. 


Scheduling can also be a painful and error-prone task when it’s completed in a separate system from the rest of your people management tools. New hire information (like pay rate or availability) is not automatically entered into these systems, requiring time and effort on your part. On top of that, scheduling is often disjointed from payroll making it easy to make costly paycheck errors. 

Hireology integrates with leading scheduling systems to get new hires assigned to shifts faster. Depending on your needs, Hireology can send applicant or new hire data to leading scheduling platforms to get your new hires on the schedule quickly. Automated and quick scheduling experience saves time and reduces errors for you and allows your new employee to get to work faster.

Time and attendance

Similarly, managing time and attendance in a siloed system can also be problematic. Outdated timekeeping systems like punch cards regularly lead to costly errors and require extensive manual effort for your team. Plus these systems send a signal to your new hires that your organization is out of touch with the tools of the modern workforce.

With Hireology’s integrated post-hire tools, time and attendance is a seamless, automated task. Employees can clock in and out within the same system they request time off, manage benefits, and see their paycheck. And on your end, hours and time off live within the same system as your hiring tools and payroll.

oday’s most successful companies operate with a people-first mindset — because your people truly are the center of your business operations. But it’s tough to put people first if the systems you use to manage those same people are outdated, impersonal, and disjointed. Bringing critical post-hire management tools into your recruiting and hiring platform eliminates much of these issues — saving time, reducing errors, and empowering you to put people first.

If you’re still in the process of evaluating payroll and HR technology for 2022, sign up for a free demo today to learn more about how Hireology can help you bring all of your people processes together within one, intuitive platform. 



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