UKG Ready

UKG is a leading HRIS platform, offering organizations a centralized platform to manage employee benefits administration, scheduling, time and reporting, analytics and more with UKG Ready. With the Hireology and UKG Ready integration, use Hireology to source and hire quality candidates and automatically transfer new hires to UKG Ready for ongoing HR management.

Hireology + UKG Ready

Smoother on-boarding

Kick off your onboarding process faster by integrating your key HR systems

Save time and money

Give hours back to your hiring managers while onboarding new hires faster

Reduce the risk of error

All employee data lives within a centralized system

How it works

This one-way integration transfers new hire data from Hireology to the UKG Ready platform

Make your new hire in Hireology

Use Hireology’s in-app hiring tools to move your candidates through the process quickly

Send records to UKG Ready

Transfer any relevant information collected during the hiring process

Set up new hires for success

Get your new hires up to speed before day one with Hireology and UKG ready

Schedule your free demo

Learn how Hireology can help you attract and hire talent fast