Understanding Gen Z at Work

Learn how the youngest generation of today’s workers are shaking up workplace norms for the better

Gen Z is taking the workplace by storm — and it's time for employers to pay attention.

As the oldest members of Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, Zoomers or Gen Zers, are just beginning their careers, it is estimated that this group will make up 27% of the entire workforce by 2025. Learn more about the expectations of this generation when it comes to work and the job search so you can recruit and retain the very best.

Say hello to Gen Z

Members of Gen Z have an entirely unique perspective on the world. While Millennials may have been considered game-changers when they first entered the workforce 10–15 years ago, this group by and large followed norms set by their predecessors. But Gen Z is shaking things up — for the better.

In a recent survey of more than 4,500 job seekers, Hireology set out to help employers better understand Gen Z’s approach to work. We compared the results of those younger than 27 to the rest of the respondents and found several stand-out characterics that can help employers who are looking to recruit, hire, and retain younger workers in today’s continuously volatile hiring environment. Download your copy today to learn more.

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