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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Technicians

The dealer’s comprehensive manual to better understand and hire these crucial revenue drivers

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How dealers can come out on top of the current technician shortage

The retail automotive industry is heavily reliant on service technicians, who are often considered the backbone that keeps operations running smoothly. Escalating costs of new vehicles, coupled with fluctuating interest rates, have led to consumers holding onto their used vehicles for longer periods of time. 

While this gives dealerships the opportunity to drive revenue through servicing vehicles, these critical fixed operations functions can’t happen without a team of technicians. Unfortunately, the industry has grappled with a shortage of skilled tech talent for the past three years, making it even harder for dealers to pad their bottom line.

This scarcity is influenced by a combination of factors like the widespread adoption of remote work in other sectors and an absence of younger workers to replace retiring Baby Boomers. Despite the challenges in finding and retaining tech talent, hiring technicians is within reach, provided dealerships approach the issue with a fresh perspective.

By addressing the current challenges in hiring technicians, analyzing the job market for service technicians, and outlining effective strategies to define and promote these roles, this guide will equip dealerships with the tools necessary to navigate the hiring landscape successfully.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Technicians to learn how you can fill your dealership’s open roles faster, approach hiring with a fresh perspective, and improve your bottom line

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